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First post thanks for the help

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First off, MEGA thanks to everyone on this forum. I have worn my eyes out reading this forum.

Well I bought my first caddi! It was owned by a farmer that I worked for and was sold at his estate auction. It is a 1982 Fleetwood brougham with 58,XXX miles. Yes it has the dreaded HT4100. I already know :mad:. But the price was right $1,150.00. So far I have (with the info from this forum), replaced belts, hoses (all of them including vac lines), radiator, water pump, flushed and filled coolant with bars gold, fuel pump/filter, AC compressor/drier/ orifice tube, air filter, TPS, thermostat, heater core, blower motor, fresh oil change, air injection check valve, and sea foam in the fuel tank. This car spent it’s last 10-15 years in the shed so that is why everything is whooped. What I have left is driver window motor, trunk lifts, shocks and tires in the near future.

On my next oil change I plan on using rotella 15-40. The car runs very well. I really enjoy the body style and ride but fear the engine. I am the type of person who takes very good care of my cars (I need them to make a living). I am no stranger to GM “mistake”:tisk: engines. I also own a Chevy caprice with an olds 350 diesel, which has done very well, under my care. I also drive like an old man (it takes me a mile or two to get up to speed!).

In the next year I will put 30,000 miles on, hopefully the engine will hold together. If it dose not I may put my spare 350 diesel in and enjoy 30 MPG. If I can run this car for a year I will have my total cost back.

Once again thanks for all the great info,



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In the next year I will put 30,000 miles on, hopefully the engine will hold together. If it dose not I may put my spare 350 diesel in and enjoy 30 MPG.
If you're driving that many miles you really ought to consider doing this! My grandfather had a Olds 98 with the Diesel Chevy. He keeps incredible detail fuel records for all of his vehicles. That thing averaged 30mpg over the entire lifetime of his ownership, just like you say. Just freaking incredible...

And for the few complaints he had about it, the only ones that are worth fixing were stretching headbolts (occasionally blew headgaskets) and it used a tiny little gasoline fuel filter that clogged constantly. Other than that he seemed to have absolutely no problems and he drove it everywhere.

Can't be any worse than the HT, right? :suspense:

Nice looking car! Don't sweat the engine if you take care of it, plenty of them still running around just fine.
Nice car , you have one of my fave Cadillacs save the engine .Anyway, when the engine is due just swap it becuse this car deserves much more reliable engines :)
30 mpg!! Put that spare diesel in asap!

Beautiful car BTW :thumbsup:
The diesel conversion will take a lot of my time, it's a last resort. There were cadillacs offered with the diesel option so at least I would have a blueprint to follow. I want the 4.1 to last as long as possible.:thumbsup:

Thanks for the compliments

Very nice car. You have great taste. I have also have the same color but mine is an 87.

I had an HT in my Eldo and it ran well even here in the desert heat. They just take a little extra care.
Welcome, Brian! Love the car, and if you take really good care of the engine, esp. with regard to coolant, it should last quite a while. Happy motoring!

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