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First in Ontario....

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Well here she is...Damn nice car black on black leather. V6 and the first one in Ontario!!!!
She Just Came In Today


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Good lookin car...has all the looks but nuthin 2 back it up under the hood. but its always cool to have the 1st of anything!
Nice to think that but I've been watching them drive around for about 3 weeks now. It is a nice ride, congrats on that. flash...they are made in Ontario..Lots here!
this is a pre-production #79 (i think) made of 150 made to date.
sorry i should clairify....this is the first black on black in Ontario that is on the road (there are not any privately owned yet of any trim), also this is not mine, im trying to convince my dad to buy it from his dealership(that he works at not owns lol otherwise ide be sitting in a ZR1).
i have a feeling that it has a voided warrenty because it is pre-production. GM has a tendency to lable them as salvage unless they are a production.(so ive heard)
really sweet car and i hope he buys it(or one with a warrenty). looks amazing.
Grab it those are some of the meanest cars on the road. It almost looks evil.
i want the SS whenever it comes out but to be honest i would be fine with the V6(and it would be a lot cheaper lol). if all goes to plan ill be in the market to buy something new in the next couple months..lookin at a new job offer. and if i bought this ide sell my jimmy and get a awd sts, the cts will go to my mom.
also want to pick up a used bike... this may be an expencive summer. lol

but right now im workin on just gettin my dad to buy this...hes really close to saying yes, he called me to come to the dealer as soon as it came in. its rare he sees a sports car he likes....he claims he doesnt want a vette because of bad gas mileage and its too low to the ground excuses woth the camaro.. i think it gets 26mpg or something like that and its not low
why does the back end of the car kind of look like an over modified bubble caprice
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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