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2012 SRX Performance FWD
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Just wanted to say today was the first time I have driven the wife's SRX on the interstate for at least a year, if not longer. I had forgotten how nice of a cruiser it is. Nice and smooth and tight with absolutely no rattles or other annoying noises. Much better than my 2013 Lincoln MKT I just sold last week. That thing felt and sounded like it was taken all apart and put back together without half the clips and fasteners... Creaks and rattles all the time!

The 3.6 feels good with nice power and torque and pretty smooth too. Also got 26 mpg per the computer over mostly flat ground cruising about 70. Front Wheel drive helps a lot here. Steering is precise and nicely weighted. Wind noise is very low although tire/road noise is a little too high. Michelin 20s have about 26,000 miles on them with maybe 10,000 -15,000 miles of life remaining.

I've done my share of complaining lately but she fell back into my good graces today.

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