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First Car

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Im sure there is already a thread with this topic but im too lazy to find so,,,,,
Just curious on what everyones first car was.
Mine was a 1978 AMC Concord for $250 with a 3.8 232 inline 6, not sure on the mileage cuz it only went up to 99,999 then rolled back over to 0 but when i got it was at 75,***. When I bought the passenger door didn't open from the outside and when I got rid of the the only door that opened from the outside was the driver side back door lol. It was the slowest car ive ever drove 0-60 22 second top speed was around 90 and man did it shake a lot when it was going that fast. Paint was a ugly blue with gray squares on the driver and passenger door. But it ran just fine and at 16 I was just happy to have a car and a license. Oh and by the way the chicks for some reason thought it was cute and cool. haha
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1995 Buick Roadmaster Limited Sedan, 350LT1, 2.93 positraction rear end, it was fast, and kind of fun :)
1984 Ford LTD which I still drive in the Winter. Its a stubborn car that refuses to work properly and is inferior to my Caddy in every way (except mileage maybe) but I have to say, for the 10,000 miles or so I've driven it, its been quite reliable. It only "broke down" once and it was in my driveway ;)
1966 Plymouth Valiant-----Rusted out bucket, fenders flapping in the wind--had a SLANT 6----threw a rod four months later----fun for a first car---
88 Nissan Sentra. The heat worked well! Plowed through all terrain: snow, slush, torrential rain, sand, and mud. It was slow, so I had to drive it hard to go anywhere, which made it remotely fun to drive.
CaddyCrisis said:
Oh and by the way the chicks for some reason thought it was cute and cool. haha
thats all that counts right?

1990 lincoln continental. 97k-101k. donated the POS and switched to a 1990 deville. =] lincoln was a nice looking/riding car though.
'61 Corvair, 85 stompin' horsepower/3 speed, red, slow and cheap.:D
1965 Mustang that me and my pop picked up for next to nuthin and put back together, I kept that car for almost 10 years
I drove a 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 convertible that belonged to my dad for a while

The first car I bought was a 1974 Ford Cortina.

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74 Ford Pinto - and that's all I got to say about that. :eek:
'85 Pontiac Parisienne.
1989 Lincoln Continental Mark VII LSC. Not the gem my Fleetwood is nor was it half as reliable but it was fasssssssssssssssssst.

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My first car i bought one and a half year before i could get my licence and the reason was that it needed some work, and it was kind of fun to start with fixing up the first car, learned a lot.
The car was a Opel Manta A -71 with a 1,9 liter inline 4cyl 90 hp
3 speed aut. the car only weighed 1030 kg so it was kind of sporty even if it had only 90 hp and automatic transmission. Ever since that first car i decided that i'm never gonna have a daily driver with anything but a auto transmission: one of the best invention in the world.
Here in sweden is it so that when you buy a new car with auto trans you have to pay much extra for that, and when you sell it you get less for the car because of the auto trans. but for me that only buy used cars that kind of good. besides that it is't so many cars to choose from.
Here's some pic's that shows how the Manta looks like, not of the car i had but the same model.


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I remember those!

Yeah, most of Europe are the same for auto trans.

Althought he poles reverse, when you get up to bigger cars, 7 series BMW with an a manual is MUCH cheaper.

I prefer a manual myself. But i also like luxury cars, and they dont mix
mccombie_5 said:
I prefer a manual myself. But i also like luxury cars, and they dont mix
What are the most luxuryus car you have had that was manual?

I work as a truckdriver sometimes and there i got to use the gearstick all i want, then you really miss the auto!
By the way, i have a good tip to feel twice the power in your dailydriver.
I worked for a truck owner with driving a timber truck between a harbor and a papermill. The load weighed app. 40 tons and total weight about 60 tons and the truck was either a Scania 143 or a Volvo F12.
Anyway in the mornings i parked the car, at the time a Opel Senator -79 3,0 liter inline 6 cyl 180 hp, by the truckowners truckgarage and went and drove the truck for about 10 hours a day then back to the garage and head on home with the car. Ooooh booooy one could think that the mechanics at the garage had installed a turbo or NOS in my car while i had been away, it felt that way when one had drove a 60 ton ekipage for the hole day and then sat in your 's, that you thought, slow car but compared with the truck your car was a dragracing car.

A pic of a Opel Senator to.



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1966 Mustang....289, 3spd Cruisomatic. Did some engine, and suspension work and kept it for abotu 4 years. Then I needed money to fix some problems on the STS, and had to sell it. I still regret selling that car.....oh well. Easy come...easy go.


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