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First Car

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Hello, I have been recently been looking for my first car to use as a daily driver. I found a relatively cheap brougham for sale and fell in love with it. I was hoping that someone could help inform me of any problems I might run into. The car is 1989 and has 75,000 miles on it. I know the car only have a 5 digit odometer but the only wear on the car seems to be the headliner drooping a little in the rear and the driver door panel arm rest has a rip. Everything else seems fine to me. It is a 5.0 liter but if these are not reliable I am fully prepared to swap it out. Thank you for you help!
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I don't have experience with the Olds 307 motor, but it's an old car, so I'd expect little electronics types issues here and there, but at least they are relatively simple to figure out.
Welcome to the Cadillac Forum. There's nothing wrong with 5.0L motors from any division. Check Wiki for intel on your Brougham if you haven't already. The headliner replacement is straightforward using the correct spray adhesive. As long as the car has not been abused, then just keep ahead of scheduled periodic maint. and you'll do well.
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