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Ok it's time MN has a V day. Spoke with the guys at DB Performance this morning and got a dyno day setup for Saturday June 13th at 10 am. The cost is $60 a car for 3 pulls on the dyno, cash or credit. After we get everyone on the dyno, we can head out for a cruise and some cold ones. All fellow V members from surrounding states are welcome. I would like to have exact numbers for DB by May 22nd, so everything can run smoothly. If anyone has any questions or suggestions please get in contact with me. [email protected] or 763-772-2302

Here is DB Performance address and contact info,
DB Performance
20998 134th Ave N
Suite 115
Rogers, MN 55374

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Have we passed this over as dead or is there a chance to make this happen. Trambow has tried, maybe the rest of the MN, WI, SD and ND people could support this and make it happen. If anyone else has some new ideas or different time post it up and let's see if we can make this happen.

Not trying to steal Trambow's thunder just trying to be a cheerleader here!
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