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Cadillac CTS-V 2010 6 Speed Automatic with Performance Modifications. 640 HP & 600 TQ
$29,000 obo; Reasonable Trades Considered.

83,800 Miles has a Transmission Built to Handle Upgrades. Message for More Information.

Car runs great and my husband loves it. We are selling to get a more family friendly car. If you’re a car guy, you will love this car. See comments for video of it running. It’s loud, which I’m told by my husband sounds like music to his ears 😂. I’m assisting with posting, but I’ll get you in touch with him about the cars information. He’s a car guy.

Factory Features:
Push Start
Air conditioning
Heated and Cooled Power Recaro Seats
CD Player
Duel Climate Control with Rear Vents
Magnetic Ride Control
Panoramic Roof

Check out a 2010 Cadillac CTS-V RWD - $28,500 on CarGurus at


2017 Fusion Hybrid Platinum, 2013 ATS, 2008 DTS | Former 2011 STS, 2003 STS, 1996 FWB
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Re: Make a sitcky for found RWD Cads for sale?

Hello Everyone,
I have to sale oryginal 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Limousine Government version (from Toronto Government)
It's only 802 cars produced in this version

Now the car it's in Poland. I and my friend started renovation, but we don't have time (and money) to close this case.

We have every part after renovation. but now it's still in boxes.

Mayby somebody it's interestet this project ? send me priv.

A talking about this model:

Oryginal photos i send private

1984 Coupe DeVille DeElegance O.D.-47,899
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Re: Make a sitcky for found RWD Cads for sale?

1984 Cadillac Coupe DeVille DeElegance 4.1/4100HT
52,565 miles
I am the second owner. Purchased the car at 45k about 6 months ago...

Car was bought new by the family I got it from, the grandfather purchased it for his wife to use..

Quite literally was only used to go to church on Sunday and get groceries lol... They took very very good care of the car, always garaged (until 2010) never let the tank go below half... Car won multiple awards for best in class prior to sitting...

Both passed away and car sat since 2010 until I bought it from the daughter.

So far I love the car, hate to see it go but mainly selling for the money and the fact that this is the begging of it's first ever winter... If someone can save her from the salt I'd be glad to take there money.

Everything works!!!
Power antenna, windows, locks, seats, trunk pull
Cruise control
Tilt and telescoping wheel
Climate control (HOT heat & COLD A/C)
All lights inside and out..
Auto running lights
Fiber optics
Fuel data works and is accurate
Air ride (holds pressure & comes on as soon as you put something in the trunk/car is not level)
You get the idea... Even has all the owner manual's...

Car has a fresh NY inspection
Pinstripe down is almost flawless
No rust anywhere under the car... Pinch welds, frame still has factory paint/undercoat...
Pinstripe up could use a respray ... Clear is pealing on the hood..
Rear quarter plastics are deteriorated
Drivers front corner plastic is missing
Vynle top is deteriorating
Small rust bubble right under the chrome trim below the vynle top on the driver's side
Rear bumper is rotted.
The car is not perfect, it shows extremely well tho I'd call it a "10 footer" as far as paint/body go
No cracks in any pannels INCLUDING the dash pad..
No tears, No rips, No stains... Beautiful interior
Cloth seats.

Headliner is STARTING to droop in spots... Not terrible

since I purchased the car...
Front calipers and brake pads
Turned the rotors
Copper brake line ran throughout the whole car
New rubber brake hoses (fronts and rear)
New wheel cylinders
New Bridgestone white wall tires
New Interstate Battery
New 100amp Alternator
New Idle speed control
New air cleaner
New fuel pump
New quality accessorie drive belts
Rebuilt Air/Smog pump
New/custom belt tensioners
Sea foam treatments
Coolant system flush/clean
New transmission filter
Transmission fluid flush (quality fluid used)
New spark plugs
New Cap/Rotor & Wires
Timing checked/set
ClassV trailer hitch (pulls great! Used it to haul a small uhaul trailer from Detroit to Buffalo)

It's a great car, with the plastics and rear bumper replaced and a new top and possibly just paint the hood and it would be a $7,000+ car all day... I'm asking $3,900/obo for it although it doesn't need to sell

I have all the receipts, all the records of what and when things were done with dates .. even have the complete fuel mileage records from the last 10,000 miles...

Please PM or text me at (716)225-3159
I am located in Buffalo NY

Thanks if you made it this far lol,
Adam B.

1989 Fleetwood Brougham
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1989 Cadillac Brougham
62k miles on Olds 307 engine.

I bought the car for my daughter to drive. She's now decided she doesn't want to drive and the car is sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing and I'd rather it go to someone who will appreciate it. It wasn't a runner when I got it due to the previous owner screwing up the accessories and the electrical and it had sat for at least 8 years. I fixed all of that and it runs and drives perfectly, all of the gauges and climate control work now as does the cruise control and power accessories. All of the filler panels are broken and need replacing and it could obviously stand to be painted. GM headliner is definitely saggy in places. I did replace all of the air conditioning system with a new compressor and new hoses\fittings and it was blowing 42F out of the vents before winter.

Pictures as I bought it 18 months ago.

I'd like to get $1500 for it if someone here is interested. Car is located outside Knoxville, TN. Send me a PM and we can discuss further.

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1973 Cadillac Sedan DeVille for Sale.

Price is $4,000 (Firm)

Car is in original condition and a real blast from the past!


*472 CID V8
*Automatic transmission
*36,544 miles on ODO
*Original Caramel Brown exterior
*Paint in decent shape (still shines)
*White leather interior in good shape
*Original radio works great
*No cracks on the Dash
*Small amount of rust around rear window under landau roof.
*New California tags
*Car runs great!

VIN 6D49R3Q271301

Standard equipment includes Power Steering, brakes, windows, Seats, Antenna and auto climate control. Tires are in fare condition.

This is a great classic car ready to turn heads. PM me for additional pictures or if you have any questions.





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Hello all. I'm about 3 minutes new to this forum, so I apologize in advance if I'm doing this wrong or incorrectly. I have a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham that I would like to sell and this looked like the appropriate place to post it. I'm just trying to gauge interest at this point.

Back story: I have always loved Cadillacs and owned quite a few. In particular, I always wanted a 1994-1996 D Body, body-on-frame Fleetwood. The power, the ride quality, the chrome...all of what Cadillac was founded on, is exemplified by these Fleetwood Broughams. This was the last of the full size Cadillacs and a great example of American luxury.. So early last summer I had decided that I wanted to purchase a 1994-1996 Fleetwood Brougham and started an exhaustive search. I wasn't overly concerned about how it looked as I expected to do some restoration on a 26 year hold vehicle, but I was particular about it having very little rust (hard to find in Michigan) and one that was maintained well over the years.

After months of searching, I found a blue on blue 1994 Fleetwood Brougham with 86k original miles. As a bonus, it looked better than I expected it would but its certainly not "showroom quality". That said, the majority of the paint still shines and the vinyl top has no rips or tears. The large sections of the chrome look great, but the little chrome strip up by the door has seen better days (but its minor). This was a Florida car, has very little rust, was garage kept and has never seen snow or salt. The dash pad (top of dash) is cracked as it common with Florida cars, everything on the car works. It was always dealership maintained, runs and drives very well, has decent rubber and the beige leather interior with no rips or tears in the leather. The previous owner did replace the factory stereo, but otherwise appears all original.

Prior to the snow flying, I drove it as my daily driver for about 4 months. No major issues, but toward the end, it did start getting a little bit of a sputter. I took it in and had the spark plugs, spark plug wires, cap and rotor replaced, and that corrected the sputter. It appeared that the all the above were original so, I was not surprised at all by it. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you know, this came factory equipped with the LT-1 engine and to change the cap and rotor the water pump had to be removed (beyond my ability), so the repair cost more than I hoped due to the labor involved. I love the LT-1 engine. Had two of them in Corvettes I've owned and its a very solid engine (far better than the initial versions of the Northstar engines put in the other Cadillacs.

In any event, although I personally do not want to sell the car, I've run into some personal (i.e. financial reasons) that give me little choice. I paid $4,500 for it (don't regret it all, its been wonderful), plus $800.00 for the repair and a couple hundred for taxes. I'm not trying to make money on it, but would like to get my $5,500.00 back. It would make a great, low cost car for someone looking for a what I would consider a minor project or just to keep and enjoy as it is. And this might be a little sacrilegious but it would also be awesome for a tuner/modder/low rider, if you are into that type of thing.

In any event, if anyone has any interest, please let me know. The car is in my garage in Michigan (suburb of Detroit). While I do want to sell, I'm not really in any big rush either. I figured I wasn't going to try an sell it in earnest until spring anyway, but it dawned on me today that before resorting to Craigslist, I would probably have better luck finding someone who would appreciate the Caddy as much as I do, on a dedicated forum. I haven't taken any pictures of it, but if someone has interest I would be happy to do so. Thanks and again, I apologize if this was not the appropriate place to post!
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