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So I know i've come across as a bit of a bitcher when it comes to my car and dealership I take it too.... Well, I took it to another dealership this time :)! I'm impressed, Jack Carter in Calgary had a nice new Envoy for me to drive when I brought my car in on Thurs. They called me Friday afternoon, told me the car needs a new rear diff, new bearings in both sides of the back, and new belts. They ordered everything in and will rebook me next week to fix it all!

I know it kinda sounds stupid that I'm happy my car has things wrong with it... I was well aware there was some things wrong a long time ago, but now I finally had everything exactly identified, so my car should be 'like-new' again next week, and maybe I wont have to complain anymore!

I still find it odd that a car with less than 13k kms would need all this, but none-the-less it should be a better car after its fixed.
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