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Finally got my new GSD3's for $0!

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Some will remember this story but for the ones who don't, here's a long story shortened!

Around March of '06 I talk to Goodyear and get a credit on my tires with 10k miles! They're gonna give me new tires for free but they have to be F1 run flats. I decide to go with GSD3's and they are going to charge me $800 mounted and balanced after a long debate about not allowing me to even do it! Much less expensive tire and I have to 'pay' for those!? WTF! So, in thinking, I go with it saying that they will last 3 times longer, better in the wet, they don't steer you where the road wants to go (caught in grove thing) they're just better in every way!

OK, they need to get them! That takes 3-4 months between my traveling and them having the tires, blah blah blah. In that short time I put 5k miles on the car! Another debate ensues about pro rating! It's not my fault they couldn't get the tires earlier! I win that one and they put them on! They never balanced right attempting this 3 times, they scratched my rims lightly...the deal so far?...junk! When they got hot (5 minutes after driving) they were fine but they pulled slightly to the right!

Another debate ensues, scratched my rims, they're junk, blah blah! I go to a new corporate store 30 miles away and this guy will handle it so I drive there! Tires are on back order then Goodyear goes on strike! Here we are about 9 months later and 15k more miles and they finally get the tires in yesterday! Now, they wanna pro rate my mileage again and I said OK, take into account that they wobbled for the whole time and I want new rims! The main guy at this dealer was on my side and agreed and after a little haggling they did it for not one cent and I must say this...THEY ARE ROUND! The pull to the right is gone and they are fantastic! So, for only a few light scuffs on my rims (you must look hard to see them) I have brand new tires for free, 275 rear 245 front, and put 20k miles total on their tires since the day they approved the credit!

I know this story is long as shiot and sorry for that but I will say that these tires wear extremely well as I had another 15k miles to go on the last set and they are a great tire, a little expensive though if you have to actually pay for them! :bouncy:
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That's why I said "To hell with GS-D3's" and got RS-A runflats. They're not quite as grippy, but at least they aren't square like the GS-D3s I had.

Oh- and next time you need tires balanced, call me. I can have my guys do a road force balance for a six pack! :D
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