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Well this all started about 5 months ago when i bought a 96 white diamond deville with a blown engine which was already diagnosed to be a head gasket failure.I read a lot on these forums that the oil and coolant don't ever mix on northstars etc. even with a gasket failure but my oil and coolant were mixing and the oil was already white and there was clouds of smoke coming out the tailpipes with a very rough idle.

I came to the conclusion that the head or other part was probably broken and that was where the oil was mixing with coolant so it really wasn't going to be worth the trouble of replacing the head gasket and then tackling the other issues like worn valve springs etc.

I searched for a used northstar and found nothing but high prices for broken engines and the working engines around where i live ranged in a minimum of $1500 to about $2500 anything cheaper had cracked oil pans etc.

I found a used engine on ebay for $600 and i bought it, went to pick it up a couple hours away and it was in good shape with 120,000 miles on it guaranteed running. It was from a theft recovery vehicle which had been stolen off a used car lot.

So I finally finished installing it today and the engine itself runs fine but the exhaust has a whole bunch of white smoke coming out of it I was told by an uncle that this is normal and it should clear out after a few hours of running but what do you guys think? I've had it running for about 20 minutes and it did clear out a bit with very little white smoke coming out of it now.

I'm wondering if the catalytic converters are toast and it the oxygen sensors could also be damaged from having all that smoke go through them before i got the car.I doubt the car was driven much with smoke coming out teh back but I don't know.

In case anyone is curious i took the engine out through the top because I didn't want to bother lowering the cradle and for a lack of space i chose this route I think it would have probably been quicker to take out the whole cradle but it wasn't too bad taking out the engine from above.Putting it in gave me a problem but not too rough either.

I still have a bad parasitic battery drain and narrowed it down to a comfort fuse but I'm not sure what else to check or how to eliminate the problem I think it might be the keyless entry module but it functions normally though.

All that is left now is adding freon to the a/c system.

if you guys have any questions i'll answer them to the best that i can

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White "smoke", if not coolant, is a symptom of an over rich fuel condition. Does it smell like fuel? If so, check the FPR for a leak. Next would be a leaky fuel ionjector(s). A bad O2 sensor could also be the cause but it should set a DTC.
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