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Few Questions

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I have a 97 Catera...have had good luck with it compared to most other owners...I'm no car genius so I hope I can get answers.

My power seats aren't working. When I put a new fuse in, it blew that one after a few seconds of moving the seat around...any ideas?

Second, my foglights don't work anymore. Used to, dont now. The turn signals next to them do, but when I push the fog button, I get nothing, no light on the dash or anything. Ideas?

Lastly, my heater blows hot air only through the driver side vents and blows cool out through the pass. side. Odd. I'm usually roasting while the passenger is freezing to death. What could this be?
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Power seats - check all the wiring under the seats for breaks. Something could be shorting out.

Foglights - it the indicator light isn't coming on maybe the switch is defective. Try popping the switch out and checking for current coming out when you switch it on.

Hot/cool air - sounds like an air mix door is not operating properly.
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