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Few Questions about my car

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I recently bought an 89 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham D’Elegance and I just have some questions about it. First off, what the heck are sequential lights(it’s a turn dial on the regular light switch that you pull). What side lights on the front do what, I’m not sure what light is out on the front. My blower is stuck on low, which is the restator I believe? Left side blinker marker doesn’t work, can I fix that? When I turn the key to start the car it gets kinda jammed there and “over revs” the starter. Would Wd-40 work for that? Both of my opera lights don’t work either, is that hard to replace? Thanks in advance for the answers, like I said I’m new to the caddy world but I’ve always loved them, bought the car for cheap and would love to restore it to its beauty.
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Re: Few Quesrions about my car

See this thread/posting about the opera lamps. You probably won't like what you read.
It could be the inverter has stopped functioning. I forget where it is located at.
Re: Few Quesrions about my car

"What side lights on the front do what, I’m not sure what light is out on the front."

Do you mean the fender indicator lights? Those are illuminated via a fiber optic link from the turn signal light bulbs and headlight.
And I'm confident that it's not sequential but sentinel. That has two functions: If it's turned on at all than your headlights will turn automatically in the dark. the dial determines how long they stay on after you shut the car off.
LOL I wondered what they were talking about. Spot on I agree.
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