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I think it looks like a stick on..........not for me.
Having come from the world of sports cars, I realized my "mid life crisis" vehicle had to be a new '02 Escalade not a Vette because I was still a wild eyed teenager in an adult's body. The only vents on any vehicle that are acceptable are ones that are functional. Even then they don't always add to the aesthetics of the vehicle, but they aren't there to look cool, they are there to be cool, or at least to keep brakes, intercoolers, drive train fluid coolers, etc. cool or force feed the induction tract.

The "venturis" on the rear underside of some Ferraris may or may not "look" cool depending on one's perspective, but they are critical in managing under car turbulence and working with the body shape to create downforce.

Everyone to their own taste, but GM has given us some nice radiator hardware servicing various components. Reduce the airflow with an aesthetics based grille? Not on my trucks. A nice glossy body matched paint on the stock grille? Sure.

I'm 48, and have selected many vehicles based on mechanical and performance specifications even though I didn't care for, or even disliked the appearance. For me it's all about the machine.

Curiously when I bought my '02, Escalades had not yet become "Cool, Bling" or whatever is the approprite slang. They were Yuppie Soccer Mom Tanks. I thought the exterior was gaudy as hell, but a drivetrain with 90HP more than its predecessor, and better gas mileage was but one of many very impressive functional attributes.

Over time, the styling grew on me, and now the '02 (which has become my wife's, I've got an '05 ESV) seems almost reserved.

Merely the sight of a 550 Maranello is enough to require a change of underwear on my part. But if "the rich old man I pushed out of the way of a speeding car said 'Sonny, I'll buy you any car your heart desires, pay the insurance, fuel, service, the whole kit and kaboodle, you pick options and color scheme'" there could be only one. The 430 Scuderia. Cars/CurrentRange/430Scuderia/Pages/Scuderia430.aspx Vents and scoops up the ass! Consumate, grab you by the gluteals, and pound you into blissful submission ALL NIGHT LONG Passion Personified. Not an automobile, A Symphony written by Beethoven, Mahler, AC/DC, and RUSH!

Function Over Form.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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