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fender bender blues

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Hey gang have enough turkey,
Just got my 96DeVille back after a month in the shop to repair the right rear quarter and door. Got smacked by a car that came out of the left and hit my right rear!!! They got ticketed - I got an '06 Maxima [POS] to drive around in - the car got towed to my local Cadillac dealer and they did the repairs.

The system generated ABS & Suspension codes so what Cadilac did was install a used EBTCM and Level Ride Compressor. All things look good, body work is super, a few molding pieces were over looked and being taken care of, I had to go to bat to get a new rear tire, but that's happening, the only thing is the codes I'm pulling.

Now granted I just got the car, but I'm seeing a PC1605 as history and RS0038, PZ2042 and PZ2255 as current.

RS0038 is the exhaust valve solenoid on the air pump. Is this on the pump or part of the head unit?? This code was showing before any work was done and is still current.

PZ2042 is a loss of serial com with the ABS/TCS. If they are working and with a replaced EBTCM why would I see this.

PZ2255 is a general loss of communication and I see that as part of the previous code.

Can anyone help explain, or arm me to return to these guys on Monday and quiz them on it.

Sure was a bitch riding around in that Maxima. How they ever came up with that name is beyond me. Only was pulling 23MPG on a six-banger. New is nice, but quality is Cadillac.
peace :cool:
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I really wish I had answers BUT I'd tell them to figure it out and fix it at their cost. If the replace the Body control module with a USED one I would think they would have pulled codes before/after to make sure it worked correctly... :want: :rant2:
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