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Fel-Pro or OEM gaskets?

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I know the general consensus on here is to use Fel-Pro head gaskets instead of OEM and I am just curious why. Is it a quality or cost issue or both?
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i know that there are 2 generation Gaskets for the N atleast the 98-04 and i think someone told me felpro still uses the original Gen but maybe i miss read that
yeah but the gasket itself is updated 2 times i think over the years maybe 3 times over the years
i think the last update was in 03 from what i read somewhere might want to check with jake on this to be sure
i know i think he had to speek with my mechanic to make sure he knew to use the OEM updated kit
hmm ok i guess i was wrong
could have sworn there was a difrance in the gasket itself my bad
ill keep my eyes open and looking for your post tomorrow cause im curiouse about this myself sometime i miss understand what i read but could have sworn i read and also hear that jake told my mechanic wich gasket to use and i think he mentioned to use OEM and not the fel pro for some reason but maybe i miss read that
it was posted in here in one of the threads going to start looking back threw for December and see what was said and all
hmm maybe i am wrong
i thought i remember him mentioning something about felpro and them not selling to him in Bolk but he could get OEM cheaper so was going that rout i thout thst what he said a few months back but guess things have changed my bad
Yes i remember that one now also
but there was another thread one that i had posted in sevral month back maybe in Nov or Dec it was
but i remember that one in the summer also

when it comes to putting more into my seville i make sure i do my homework and i check everything lol
i wanted to know the brand gaskets that where used the date that the package was stamped and sealed the everything what when and where of what was going into my car lol
considering that this engine rebuild took the total repair costs to over 12k at the time for what i put into the car after the HG's earlier in the year and the mechanic pulled some flimsy thing out that looked pretty bad he said
ok, so my guy says that he thinks that there might be some slight differences in the gaskets, but he's not sure....

if we really want to nail this down, maybe we should see what jake has to say
cool cool good looking out on checking that now we just have to wait for jake to pop up on the boards and see what he has to say
what is the reason for using OEM On the rear main seel does felpro have a flaw on that or did he just get a good deal on oem for the product ? did you ask him about that by chance
1 - 8 of 22 Posts
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