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Fel-Pro or OEM gaskets?

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I know the general consensus on here is to use Fel-Pro head gaskets instead of OEM and I am just curious why. Is it a quality or cost issue or both?
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I'm pretty sure that the update in the OEM HG set (which happens mid 2004) is just the bolts that are different... gasket is the same

The updates from 2000-2005 are in the bolts (afaik)
Well... i might be wrong, but i know that the bolts changed ... tomorrow i'll ask our guy who does most of the HG jobs
ok, so my guy says that he thinks that there might be some slight differences in the gaskets, but he's not sure....

if we really want to nail this down, maybe we should see what jake has to say
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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