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feed back needed who has vouge tires

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hello i visit always during the day is this the place for tire questions ??
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Dont see why it wouldnt be the place? I myself have Vogue tyres.. And in my opinion id stay away from them. Sadly im stuck on the look and how well they go with my car.. But might be selling so Ill finally be off them. Was quoted recently at $450 to replace 2 rears due to them being pretty worn. As far as ride quality.. Defiantly nothing special and mine for some reason like to get hairline cracks in the whitewall.

I have Vogues and like them .Keep in mind you can't buy Vogue for their performance but look .
And the way GAS prices are And will look in the future I'm glad I brought me some just for looks.
I have Vogue tires and I love them. They make may car look so good,but the performance could be better. So the question is what do you want from your tire more performance or good looks.:thumbsup:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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