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Congrats again to @EricVonHa, January's winner.​

Let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit a place where you made memories with your trusty ride.

Share a photo of your Cadillac at one of your favorite destinations from last year!

We do have some basic rules:
  • Members MUST have at least 20 posts
  • You may submit up to 5 photos
  • If you won in 2023, you cannot win for the rest of the year; however, if you have a second Cadillac that meets the criteria, you can enter that
  • Voting will take place via a poll toward the end of the month
  • Feel free to PM me with ideas for future themes
Winners will receive:
  • One year of premium membership (no ads, focused browsing mode, and more)
  • A profile badge to show off your winner status
  • A place in the winner's gallery
  • Their winning photo featured on the homepage until the next contest starts
Have fun!

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St Ignace, MI
Mackinaw bridge in the background.
Spent our first anniversary there, several day road trip revisiting on our 40th in August of 2022!

Just for grins, here's what's left of the hotel we stayed at last century.
We picked a much nicer place last year!

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Up at the silver bear sand dunes west side of lower Michigan haf zero problems going around windows down with ac kickin with fam enjoying a new experience together. a stop at old restaurant on my birthday for dinner she still shines after 2-3 hours on the road and a day after a wash plus under the street lights.
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Ozzy the Shepherd takes me 4-wheeling in his Escalade a couple times per year. It's always a memorable amazing experience because he loves chasing his frisbee and playing in the waves. He has an amazing life!

Don't vote for this one. Not eligible.

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