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Ok, i wanted to start a thread and be cool like MC so here goes. Whats your all time Favourite tv show??
Mine would have to be All in the Family with Everybody loves Raymond a close 2nd. AH yes, family guy, love that baby!

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DeVillish said:
Ok, i wanted to start a thread and be cool like MC so here goes. Whats your all time Favourite tv show??
Mine would have to be All in the Family with Everybody loves Raymond a close 2nd.
I don't really watch too much TV anymore, because I spend all of my media time here...:Helpless:

As for the shows I do watch when I watch TV, it would be Seinfeld re-runs, Married With Children re-runs, and The Simpsons. I am working on DVD collections for all three shows, so I don't miss an episode whenever it might be on at a time I cannot catch it, which is often.

Other than that, NFL and College Football are always top priorities, and I sometimes catch the evening jokes, er, uh, news.

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I never really saw any of the TV shows mentioned. Until I retired (2003) I worked M-F either from 9AM to 10PM M & W or from 3PM to 10PM T, Th & F. One or two I caught on re-runs but thought that they were easily forgotten.
Seinfield was "on" about a year or two when I first heard of it.

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Jesda said:
ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT has replaced Family Guy as my favorite show. Law and Order is in a solid second place.
hell yeah jesda. arrested development is the greatest

"the langauge they use around here... rough" "hahaha... candy*ss"

^buster at a construction site.

the 3rd season is gonna be great.

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The best writing and acting combination is "Boston Legal" which spun out of "The Practice" last year. James Spader has won two consecutive best actor Emmys, and William Shatner won the supporting actor emmy a couple weeks ago.

I prefer CSI: Miami to the other two, with the original CSI running a close second.

I've always liked the West Wing, and I think it's about to get new life breathed into it this season.

NCIS is outstanding.

Another good show I've just started watching is "House" which is kind of a medical mystery/diagnosis show. Sela Ward is on it every now and then, and she's my all-time favorite babe. It's on FOX tonight.

Still HOTT at 49.

None now...1972 Challenger=my pride and joy.
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The Simpsons, hands down. Followed closely by Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Married With Children, and maybe Family Guy...Futurama is great, and I actually really like The Fairly Oddparents. :D:):D

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I'd say Family Guy.
(also somehow addicted to King of the Hill)

Otherwise I like stuff on the Travel Channel/Discovery/TLC/National Geographic.....I try to catch Top Gear, No Reservations, and sometimes even the American Hot Rod (not so much these days)

Sometimes I catch 'the power block' on spike, mainly for Car & Driver TV + Danica Patric!

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CSI original, Family Guy, Everbody Loves Raymond, American Chopper, Overhaulin', and can be dramatic at times with Ralph and female company here:D)

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Pretty much EVERY show on FX except for "Over There" and "Starved"
On MTV - Made, True Life, SOME Real World episodes..., VMAs
History Channel - Modern Marvels, Engineering Disasters, Mail Call, etc.
Fox News - The O'Reilly Factor;)
VH1 - Gene Simmons Rock School, I Love the 80s/70s/90s, Bands Reunited, Behind the Music, Driven, The Greatest, When ---- Ruled the World

And some other assorted ones - Dog The Bounty Hunter, American Justice, City Confidential, Airline, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES:eek:, Cops, Americas Most Wanted

and there are tons more that i forgot to post...;)
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