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Favourite 1970s car???

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Okay, boredom has set in in the McCombie camp, and i thought id start this thread.

My two favourite 70s cars are the Jaguar XJ6C and the Rover SD1 3500 V8 Coupe.jpg

Anyone elses??
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1970 Corvette ,370 HP 350 , 4 speed muncie , t tops ....preferably black with sidepipes and those new aftermarket 17 inch steel rally style wheels

1970 Corvette (same options as above only in a convertible)

1970 Plymouth Superbird , Hemi , 4 speed , in whatever the brightest color availble was

1970 Toronado

1970 Eldorado

1977 Toronado XS

1976 Edlorado Vert

1975 Vega Cosworth


Mini !!!!!!!!! Prefably the Panel Van version

Triumph TR6 (ANY YEAR)

That MGB with the hardtop and Inline six (MGB GT?)

Any TVR from that perioid

Any Rolls

Germany :

Porsche ...79 928 , or the late 70s carerra
Mercedes , any diesel any year

RX3 ...any year
Mazda Rotary Pickup any year
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Nice choice, i wouldnt take a Mini fromt he 70s, i'd either take a 1959-1960 model, or a 1998 model (pre BMW) because the 70s was not the time for building of cars.....

They were the same from 1959-1998 so id take an early or late one.

And the original Range Rover.
mccombie_5 said:
And the original Range Rover.
oh YEAH ...forgot about those .....they looked so much beatter in 2 door trim
i gotta add one more ...1973 GMC Motorhome .....redone by my taste ...
Yeah, i had a 1980 four door model, i wish i hadnt got it now and gone for a 79 2 door, it was the first year of that style Range and everything broke.

They were great though, i also have a special place for my Ford Cortina, but nobody else will.
Stoneage_Caddy said:
i liked the lotus cortina beatter ....
I wish i had that type, i had a 74 mk3 Cortina, it had the vinyl roof and "american" styling.

It was onyl two yaers old but that went wrong alot too. Then i got my SD1V8 and i knew the meaning of the word "fault"

Like that one with a black vinyl roof and yellow bodywork
1977-78 Eldorado

1979 Eldorado

1975 Grand Prix

1972 Riviera
being born in 1974, I can't remember lusting after any cars (stoney you weren;t even born till the 80's, impressive knowledge!)

70's really was low tide for cool cars with the oil crisis and what not, but I do like those 70 model vettes, especially in a convertible body style.

I guess, i can't be specific but I loked those land yachts like the caprice convertible and what not....
That's an easy question, the 442 my Dad bought new, or my old '69 Charger......(1969 was close enough to 1970 ;) ) The Olds was 10 times nicer than the Charger in reality.




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Always crazy for the 1979 Avanti Convertible, built on a 1979 Corvette chassis.

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My uncle has a 442, I love it. What great cars. I'm still with the '70 Charger all the way.
1975 Lincoln Town Car

1970 Cadillac Eldorado

1975 Cadillac Sedan Deville

1979 Cadillac Coupe Deville

1978 Lincoln Mark V

doesnt get any better.
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Ralph...what's wrong with you? Something better than a mopar? canadians have troubles in your heads, it seems...

'70 Hemi Challenger
'70 HemiCuda
'70 Challenger T/A
'70 AAR Cuda...

In that order...followed by a couple of the '70's Caddys, and the dodge Li'l Red Express or Warlock truck from '78 or '79.
I've always wanted the Ford LTD that Unlce Buck drove :D
Hehe...I wouldn't mind that 'ol FoMoCo car either...HAHA, that's good...
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