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Fast 92 intake rebuild

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Hi guys, the Fast install manual isn't particularly helpful, and I cannot seem to locate any videos or other guides/diy on how to replace the inner seal. My problem is that I've figured out that the bolts and nuts which go around the perimeter are missing from mine, there are 6 ea - 3 up front and 3 aft. I am also missing the valley cover bolts, so I ordered the full fast hardware kit, which has these missing pieces.

I have ordered a fast rope gasket, but cannot find any good info on how to install it. Anyone have some pics? All else fails I'll figure it out and take a very nice diy video for my channel and update here so someone can hopefully be aided in the future.

Does anyone know the torque for the fasteners on the front and rear? Not the manifold torque.

The problem with it sealing began with the shop removing the button head screws and replacing them with standard bolts, and just got worse from there. I don't understand why they chose to do this, and I'm still pretty pissed about it, but I also take it as an opportunity for growth and learning as I will be making a diy video of the install process to aid those in this situation going forward.

Now the rear half of the seal is destroyed and the lower to head seals are destroyed.

I've cleaned it all up, and the porting work was done by someone very skilled, it's a thing of beauty and I really want to get it back on the car asap.

There is not much difference between the LS2 and fast 92 stock performance wise, but after heads and cam I have really noticed a difference since switching back to my LS2 stock manifold.
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Also FYI for people swapping back to stock LS2 manifold with LS6 length injectors, you need a 1/2" spacer. I already had the FAST kit, so I had to find long enough hardware. The steam vent bolts are long enough to the mm to secure the taller injectors and rails to the manifold.

Any pointers from people who have done it are appreciated!

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Unlike @AAIIIC when I installed my FAST 90/90 all those years ago, I sent mine away to Tony Mamo to be ported.

You can try and reach out to Tony, and see if he can give some advice:

GL !

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