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Here is a collection of useful and informative threads relating to the CTS-V.

Notable issues:

High Oil Temp and alarms? Here is a fix for it

Buying a Used V Checklist - Things to Look For

Please reply and add links we're missing to the list!

If you have something you feel should be added, simply reply with a link to the thread and a brief description. It doesn't need to specifically be a DIY thread- maybe just a really good conversation about the pros and cons of certain tires, for example. A Moderator will check it out, and then move the links into this first post if it's deemed worthy.

Special thanks to V pioneers Urbanski, Benjet and ctsvett for compiling some of these links back in the day.

A comparison of aftermarket air intakes for the CTS-V
Trukk's FAST90/90 Manifold results
Free Flow V intake (aka StealthV, long gone)
MAF descreen (bad idea)
LPE/FFV hybrid
stock airbox mod
Intake replumb
LPE install tips
Speed Inc.
Early comparo
K&N drop in
MAF thread
Lingenfelter Intake Dyno results

Header discussion
Exhaust comparison
Exhaust discussion
Another exhaust thread
lasstss comparo
Zoomers system Home page:
Stainless Works headers/Random Tech cats
Stock muffler mods
Electric Cutout Mod on Silver Baron's V
Small Borla thread
Replace mufflers only with Magnaflow

Installed exhaust pics
B&B install instructions

PCM location/removal instructions

Shane's excellent DIY clutch removal thread- with photos!
Trans fluid swap
What is needed for an LS7 clutch/fw swap
Textralia clutch
Clutch pedal sticking to the floor
UUC Fywheel
T56 rebuild thread - lots of pics
T56 disassembly and rebuild videos

***Rear Differential
Change diff fluid
Retrofitting an '09 diff
The "washer fix" (mixed results)
Nutz's one-off Steel Diff
Hendrix Engineering's Wheelhop stopping axles
Rear Axle Removal/Installation (thanks Lollygagger8)
GForce Engineering's wheelhop stopping axles
Installing/removing a rear diff
Removing diff support bushing
Bushing puller info
Difference between 04-05 diff and 06-07 diff (thanks Lollygagger8)

***Navigation System/Stereo
Updating your Firmware to play newer discs and fix the "stuck in MI" problem
Unlock DVD controls while in motion
Upgrading stock door speakers
Installing Free-Air Sub
Base CTS DIC in the CTS-V

Large pad thread here with links to 4 other great brake threads contained.
Brake fluid
Burnishing 1
Burnishing 2
GM Rotors
Another rotor discusson
Rusty rotors

***Short Shifters
A comparison between B&M, UUC and Katech shifters
Disabling Skip Shift
Installing a shifter from the top
B&M install thread
B&M install thread #2
UUC install thread
UUC w/bushing discussion
B&M vs UUC short thread
Katech shifter install
Katech install #2
Katech vs UUC
Mallett shifter #1
Mallett #2
Mallett vs UUC
Stock boot/knob part numbers

General suspension questions
How to keep a lowered V from raising
AAIIIC's KW Coilover install
Ground Control Noises
Ground Control issues
Installing Z06 sways and endlinks
Fixing the GC clunk
BMR trailing arms

Trickflow Heads/cam
Trukk's cam results
Katech vs VRX3
jnrandall's cam thread

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Re: FAQ/How-To/DIY/Classic Discussions

***Forced Induction
Tons of Magnacharger Supercharger Info
WildWhl's Original Magnacharger install thread
Twin Turbo 408 build
Maggie Dyno results
Maggie Discussion- should you do it?
Maggie with bad bearings
Magazine Article on rlj5's Procharged 2005

***Fuel System

Accessing the fuel pump from inside the car

***Radar/Laser Detectors
Hardwiring radar Detector
Another detector/jammer discussion
Installation thread

Spoiler Installation Instructions
Spoiler pics
Specter Werks Spoiler
Comparison Specter spoiler vs. OEM

***Lighting (Interior and Exterior)
A guide to LED lighting (inside and out)
Smoked Foglights
Homemade clear foglights

***Wheel/Tire Discussion
Widening stock wheels
Good discussion on tiresTire choices for stock sizes
Widest on stock rim discussion contains links to other similar threads.
Runflat choice discussion
275 on stock rims
275 on stock rim #2
245/275 discussion
short poll
GS D3 and many other discussion
Bridgestone 265/40/18 on stock rim discussion
small summary thread
all season discussion
all season discussion #2
track tires
Premature wear? Call Goodyear
Falken thread
Dunlop thread
RE050A thread with links to others
Rolling fenders
tire pressure discussion
TireRack survey

***Spare Tire
Spare RunFlat tire and jack thanks Dreamin
Another thread
Another thread
Space saver will NOT work
Pic of spare inside well

***General Maintenance/Misc
Jack Pucks DIY
Crank Relearn instructions
DIY Steering Position Sensor (fixes random stability engagement)

***Picture Threads
Engine Bay pics
CTS-V Members' pics
Lindsay Cadillac's V-Day II
Lindsay Cadillac's V-Day III
Another thread of pics from Lindsay Cadillac's V-Day III

***Funny Threads- no good info, just good for a laugh
Whisler's high speed adventure
Decisions, decisions....
Pointless spam thread, mostly used to post chick pics

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Re: FAQ/How-To/DIY/Classic Discussions


The link you had under CAMs for me, was actually my write-up on the install and dyno testing of a FAST 90/90. That link shouldbe moved to the 'intakes' section.

You should put this link in the CAMs section:

I'd also consider adding this LPE CAI dyno test to the INtake section as well:


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Re: FAQ/How-To/DIY/Classic Discussions

Oh great- you guys want a FAQ aaaaaand you want the links to actually be in the proper section? Fine. :lol:

Thanks for the links guys- you rock. Keep 'em coming.

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Re: FAQ/How-To/DIY/Classic Discussions

Is there not going to be a section of threads dedicated to Naf? :duck:

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Would be cool if there were some stereo threads (How to install subwoofers, replace/upgrade the stock HU, replace sub, replace speakers, etc).

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