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Owners Manual
2007 - 2007_cadillac_cts_owners.pdf (Although this is a 2007 manual, most of the content should be the same for all 2003-2007 cars.)

(2.8 and 3.6 are similar and certain guides could be used for both engines.)

Common Issues and recalls
Transmission Cooler Line failures - Primary Issue #1
Timing Chain on 3.6 / 2.8 - Primary Issue #2
3.2 Common issues: Valve Cover Leak, Crank Position Sensor
Wiper/sprayer motor failure
Rusted brake hard lines - Brake Issue - hard line failure / rusted brake hard lines
Front frame rail rust - CTS frame rust????
Sail panel / C-pillar interior trim panel comes loose - Rear interior sail panel fix?

Significant Recalls / TSBs
Brake hose recall for cold / winter states / countries (rusty brake lines may fail)
Steering Recall
Passenger seat airbag recall
Differential pinion seal recall
ECM reprogram for fuel delivery recall
3.2L PCV valve TSB

Exterior and Appearance Modifications
How to determine whether you have HIDs or halogen lights
HID installation on stock Halogen (refer to bumper guide as well for extra assistance)
HID ballast replacement without stock ballast
Clear Fog light tutorial
STS-V Fogs in CTS installation
Front Bumper Removal
Rear Bumper Removal
How to fix 3rd Brake Light
How to convert 3rd brake light to LED
How to disable DRL
How to debadge
How to remove Side mirrors
How to install Side mirrors
How to remove the grill
How to drill and install a spoiler
How to install spoiler with 3m double sided tape
How to plug up holes from Front plate holder removal
2-item DIY Outside mirror and dash cover removal
How to replace Trunk Support

Interior Modifications
How to do suede door inserts
How to suede your headliner
How to change LED lights on interior lights
How to freshen up leather seats
How to switch outlets from constant on, to on only when car is on
Dash cluster removal

Alarm, Security and Audio
How to program keys
How to change Door Speakers
How to remove rear deck lid to access subwoofer
How to change DIC color
How to install iPod into your radio
How to Unjam CD from Radio
How to change stock radio into NAV system
How to retain DIC with Aftermarket Radio 1
How to retain DIC with Aftermarket Radio 2
USA-SPEC Direct iPod Interface install
More double din install info
The complete guide to 1st gen CTS Navigation unit installation
How to add an auxiliary switch input
Double DIN LED light fix

Maintenance and Fixes

3.2L V6:
How to change the alternator on a 3.2L / 2.6 V6
How to change Spark Plugs on the 3.2L
How to change Serpentine belt in 3.2 engine
How to check OBDII codes on '03 CTS
3.2L PCV Service Bulletin How-To

2.8 / 3.6L V6:
How to change Spark Plugs on the 2.8L and 3.6L
How to change the alternator on a 2.8L / 3.6L V6
How to change oil in 3.6 / 2.8 engine
3.6L Timing Chain Repair Guide 1
3.6L Timing Chain Repair Guide 2
3.6L Timing Chain Repair Guide 3 off an SRX
Timing chain replacement - 2005 3.6L
Cylinder / Coil Pack Numbers on 3.6 / 2.8 system

How to change automatic transmission fluid in 5L40E
How to remove differential
"No Reverse" fix for Aisin 6 speed manual (3.6L) - (Shifter bushing)
Transmission Cooler Install - Documented
Transmission line failure & external tranny cooler install

General maintenance:
How to replace Cabin Air Filter
How to Seafoam your car
How to perform the Throttle Position Relearn procedure
Reprogram TPMS system (Tire pressure monitoring system)
The Bushing Thread

Intake, Exhaust and Performance
3.2L Dyno Results from Various Intakes
3.6L Dyno Results from Various Intakes
Swaybar Diameter List
From Single to Dual Exhaust Installation
TonyA Intake - DIY "ram air"
Ghettano Intake - DIY "ram air" / cold air intake
How to add V-Max iceolater
RX Oil Catch Can DIY
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CTS Part numbers and diagrams

service manual dead links removed, 7/27/12, JH
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Thank you for your work on this, odthetruth.

Other members, if you have a commonly asked question or DIY you'd like to see here, post it as a reply to this thread and it will be added.
Top notch job Od!! So glad this is all together now, here's my contribution...

USA-SPEC Direct iPod Interface install DIY. Also it's a detailed description of how to take out the back seats/access the rear deck panel/xm module/sub/seat-belt's/etc. added JH

Thanks for the hard work Od! :D :thumbsup:

Would you please add the carputer diy guide link: CARPUTER and/or link: CARPUTER GUIDE Thanks!!! added 2/25/11 -JH
If you are gonna link that, mods, you might just wanna say:

Lots of Manuals and PDFs -

Also, add:
3.2 Common issues: PCV valve TSB, Valve Cover Leak, Crank Position Sensor 2/25/11 -JH
Here is a copy&paste from

How to Relearn the ETC (electronic Throttle Control)

If the battery is disconnected, the electronic throttle control (ETC) may forget the zero throttle position too. If you find that your CTS runs poorly, you will have to have the re-learn the position.

To do this, turn the key to the run position with the engine off for atleast three minutes. Then turn the key to the off position. Start the engine and let it idle for 30 seconds. Turn the engine off and restart.
January 31, 2005

2004-2005 Cadillac CTS and SRX with level 1 U2R or level 1.5 U2S radio

• The Driver Information Center trip odometer, timer, or fuel used displays may intermittently reset to zero
• The six disc CD changer may randomly shuffle or reinitialize
• The radio may display lines with no alphanumeric characters
• The audio volume of external sources (XM Radio and Rear Seat Entertainment) may be lower than internal sources (AM/FM/CD)


U.S. Dealers : Obtain the exchange unit from Specmo Enterprises, Madison Heights, Michigan (800) 545-7911 or (248) 307-2570.

Canadian Dealers : Obtain the exchange unit from an authorized ACDelco Radio Centre.

Follow the radio replacement procedure described in SI document #702067
Perform the radio setup procedure described in SI document #1420146 (CTS) or #1470416 (SRX)
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Need info on fuel filter change.
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Need info on fuel filter change.
The filter is under the car about where the driver's door is. If the fittings are rusty use some penetrating oil/rust remover product first, let that sit for a day if its real rusty and you aren't in a rush. I think you're supposed to release the pressure first for best results, but I'm not sure.
Special Coverage #11340

SUBJECT: Special Coverage Adjustment - Timing Chain Wear

MODELS: 2007 Cadillac CTS, SRX, STS
2007 GMC Acadia
2007 Saturn OUTLOOK
Equipped with 2.8L/3.6L Engine (LP1/LY7)

On some 2007 model year Cadillac CTS, SRX, STS; GMC Acadia; and Saturn OUTLOOK vehicles that are equipped with a 2.8L/3.6L V6 engine (LP1/LY7), under certain driving conditions, and with the vehicle's original oil change intervals, the timing chain could wear prematurely and cause the illumination of the Service Engine Soon light.

This special coverage covers the condition described above for a period of 10 years or 120,000 miles (193,000 km), whichever occurs first.
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Trying something currently see how this goes will update once more have uploaded and see how long this lasts, let me know how the links work out for you some of them allow online reading and some may have to be downloaded (guess its the mass amount of pages!):

Service Repair PDFs

Generic Trouble Codes
GM Trouble Codes

2.8L Engines

Engine: 1 2 3 4 5

Engine: 1 2 3 4 5

3.2L Engines:

Drive Belt
Oil Pan
Timing Belt
Timing Belt Replacement
Engine Exhaust
Engine Cooling

3.6L Engines:


Engine: 1 2 3 4 5


Engine: 1 2 3 4 5
Engine cooling
Engine electrical

2003 related PDF's:

Drive belt routing
Computer relearn
Owners Manual
Cooling fans
Wiring diagrams

2004 related PDF's:

Hydraulic brakes
Steering column
Power steering
Wiring diagrams

2005 related PDF's:
Cabin air filter
Keyless entry
Variable effort steering
Drive axle limited slip
HVAC 1 2
Automatic transmission: overhaul | troubleshooting
Wheel drive shafts
Universal joint
Front suspension
Navigation system
Electric components
Frame underbody
Cruise control
Interior trim
Parking brake
Rear suspension
Wiring diagrams
Manual transmission ay6
Wiper washer
Disc brakes
Exterior lighting
Manual transmission tremec 6 speed
Antilock brakes
Instrument panel
Engine electrical

2006 related PDF's:

Variable effort steering
Wheel driveshafts
Wiper washer
Wiring diagrams
Suspension general diagnosis
Steering column
Rear suspension
Rear drive axle
Programming and setup
Power steering
Tyre pressure monitor
Maintenance and lube
Parking brakes
Manual trans ay6
Manual trans tremec 6 speed
Maintenance light reset
Limited slip diff
Interior trim
Hydraulic brakes
Instrument panel
HVAC 1 2
Front suspension
Exterior trim
Lighting systems troubleshooting
Electrical component locations
Disc brakes
Cruise Control
Cabin air filter
Body front end
Antilock brakes
Owners manual
Computer integrating system
Auto trans troubleshooting

If anyone has the 2007's to add let me know ive all of 2003-2006 mostly
Here is the owners manual though:
2007 CTS owners manual
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Once the 2003 PDF's have uploaded that will be me for the day uploading wise lol, I would strongly suggest you grab them while you can though if you haven't a copy!

2004 PDF's added today!

2006 added, 2005 could take a little longer as some are quite big pdf files!
Will upload the rest of 2005 later as most of the files are over 30-50mb pdf's
Hope you guys are managing to view them all ok?
I didn't look at all 7 pages to see if someone had listed a DIY for this, but it wasn't in the first page.

Is there any way we could get a DIY for removing the rear trunk bezel?

I'm thinking of taking mine off to clean the inside of it, as it looks very water spotted and dirty on the inside. (I have an 03 CTS with the greyish clear plastic bezel).

Not only would this DIY help people with my type of bezel to clean it, it would also assist someone of you wished to replace the old style bezel with the new one.

Like say you had this...
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Executive car Motor vehicle

And wanted this....
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Executive car
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Rear bezel removal is relatively simple.

Remove your trunk lid carpet liner, most of it will pull off and the panel clips will come with it if not use needle nose pliers or a panel pin removal tool.

once you have that off there will be some 10mm nuts to remove (you will see the thread for the bolt sticking out of the holes with like a star type head to it) that are sunk into holes you will need a deep 10mm socket for these, remove all of them and the panel will then come loose, after that you need to disconnect the wiring harness and then you have a panel free from the body.
Could have done a guide last week lol as I was fitting a reverse camera to my CTS and had to remove that panel.
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