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Factory FOB remote starter "installation"

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I have 2006 STS but I do not have remote starter ( button missing from FOB at europe models ).
Are there some missing parts/modules or is it only programming to get factory starter for use?
I mean if I buy remote with starter button can it be programmed to my car without making huge changes to car?
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I think there is an option for the IPM Programming to have remote start on/off in the Tech 2 (at least for 08+) I'd think this setting would toggle what you see in the Nav settings screen.
My 'seat temp' setting is lost every time the battery is disconnected and I have to remember to manually re-enable it if I ever have to disconnect the battery.

Buy the domestic FOB and swap the circuit board from your export fob into the domestic casing ... sounds shockingly simple. I can't believe GM went this route.

eBay -
Driver "1" FOB

Driver "2" FOB
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