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Factory Car Stereo Repair, Inc.

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Has anyone ever used Factory Car Stereo Repair, Inc out of Florida before?? I have the delco bose gold series cassette in a fleetwood and it just isn't right. I believe that one of the rear speaker amps is bad as it has a constant hissing...and possibly the head unit may need work because the front speakers don't have much volume. (This is at least what FCSR thought). They want 120 to recondition the head unit and 80 per spearker. Any suggestions???? Thanks!
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I live in Florida and i have used Car stereo works in Winter Park near Orlando.I drove up there dropped my car off and went to Universal Studios.They called me a couple of hours later the amp was dead.Bose amps overheat when you crank em for extended periods. The put in a rebuilt for $115.00 and I was on my way. 1-407-378-4553.They do have a web site just google car stereo works. Good luck.
You may be able to buy a replacement head unit on eBay for cheaper.
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