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factory car alarm randomly goes off when car is locked

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anyone have any idea how to fix this annoying problem. ill be sleeping and 2am it goes off for no reason. it started happening ever since i had battery problems. i replaced the bad battery and put in a new one.
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Did you ever get an answer to this? I've seen several similar posts with no answer. I'm having the same frustrating problem!
check for codes -
if you don't know how - go here -

post any codes you have -

include whether they are Current or History -

for code definitions - go here -
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Cyco, This thread is 8 years dead. The member to which you posed the "Did you ....?" question hasn't logged in for 6.5 years.

Your other post, from 2012, concerning problems after installing an aftermarket stereo, may be coming back to haunt you.

Update your profile to "view latest threads/posts first". That way you don't see old, dead stuff when you look for threads for advice.

To find your other post, click your username - drop down - "view forum posts".
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