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Hello everyone

I have been sorting through some of the junk that I've held onto over the last few years, in that junk I rediscovered the factory Bose audio system that was in my 97 ETC. I put an entirely aftermarket audio system in the car, but I saved everything just in case I sold the car. I ended up "retiring" the car and handed it over to the State of California for $1500. I was pretty sure that they were just going to junk it, so I didn't bother putting the factory system back in when I took my aftermarket system out. I also figured that there's an enthusiast/ purist somewhere in the world that might want the factory audio system.

What is the likelihood there's somebody actually looking for a factory system?

I have no qualms with parting with the equipment, but I just can't bring myself to toss working equipment into the dumpster knowing there's an entire community of ETC/ESC/STS/SLS owners/enthusiasts out there who could appreciate the equipment.

- Head unit w/ bracket (Bose - cassette)
- Radio Interface
- (2) Bose 4" front speakers w/ amps but without the housings (excellent condition)
- (2) Bose 6x9 rear speakers w/ amps (speaker cones in fair condition; amps in excellent condition)

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If you click the OP's username and open his profile you'll find that he has not been on-site since March. I doubt that you will get an answer, but you might get lucky.
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