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Factory Alarm System Upgrades

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I have a 2005, DeVille DTS that just suffered a break in. The thieves smashed the driver-side window and did all the work from there. The never opened the door, and the alarm never went off. I would like to add a proximity and/or glass breakage sensor to the factory alarm. I really don't want to go aftermarket on the alarm unless it is a direct plug-in like the radio interfaces. Does anyone know the pinout and location of the factory alarm module? I'm an electrician and could easily design a circuit to add additional modules.

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I've had just about every brand of aftermarket alarm on the market and I prefer DEI's products over anyone elses. An alarms brain would have to be able to process and communicate the knowledge from these add-on sensors, which the stock alarms cannot do. You can pick up a nice Viper on ebay fairly cheap, the big bucks come into play at install bays lol! But if you feel capable..... best of luck to ya! Oh, and DEI makes AWESOME glass break sensors (around $15-$20) and Proximity sensors ($25-$40) that can also be purchased online or at a local dealer. Check out some videos on Youtube and you'll be amazed at some of the technology available! I'm having a Viper 5902 HD installed this week into my 2000 DTS with the glass break sensor, window up/down option, proximity sensor, glass break sensor, and tilt sensor. Its a 2 way remote start system and as always the shock sensor comes standard. Nobody will get within a foot or my baby without me knowing.... believe that!!!!
Here, just to help you out a bit I shot over to Ebay and did some checkin. Click the following links and just correspond to my above post. I like to help others anyway I can on this forum because others have helped me tremendously, call it paying it forward if you will lol! But yeah check the following links and let me know what you think.....

DEI 408D Dual Zone Proximity Sensor:

DEI 506T Glass Break Audio Sensor:

Here's the DEI 507M Digital Tilt Sensor. Around here (Toledo, OH) the theives have upgraded to tow trucks or repo trucks for a quick clean heist!

Theres also the window up/down module but since you didn't show any intrest in that I didn't waste the time. Either way I HIGHLY doubt the GM Brain would work with ANY aftermarket sensors on the market! My personal opinion is the second you cut or shim a wire on that baby your lifes gonna be hell lol..... these DTS's can be electronical nightmare!!! If you need anymore help on alarms or anything else aftermarket customization wise I'd love to help. Again, good luck with whatever you decide to do! And keep us updated, this could get interesting haha!!!
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Thanks for the replies. I will look into it. I feel confortable with it. I've done many car stereo and alarm installs (used to work in the business). What I like doing these days is integrating as much of the stock as possible. I'm aware that cadillac has the Pass Key system, bus system, etc. These could all flake out with aftermarket parts as with the radio interface modules that are out there. What I was really wanting is a schematic showing where the door sensors enter into the alarm, computer, etc. I was simply going to install the sensor and tap into one of those lines and isolating with a diode. I've done this many times in the past with stock alarm systems or with alarms that don't have accept those type inputs.

There aren't any door sensors bro lol. What type of alarms have you installed that had specific door sensors because I've never heard of such a thing? When you open the vehicles door it activates the interior lights which in turn triggers the alarm. Some of the more advanced 2-way alarms will indicate a "Door" violation for interior lighting and a "Sensor 1" for the Shock sensor, but the doors aren't specific like say a hood/trunk pin would be. Your are right about the VATS or Passkey system, for schematics I'd say drop by your local dealers service dept., or you could try you luck researching it online. But your local stealership will pull it up by your VIN which will reduce your error margin dramatically lol!

On some vehicles, tying into the "door" is as simple as connecting to the wire of the dome lamp that changes from (+) 12 VDC to ground, or vice-versa on Fords, when any door is opened. However, some vehicles have a dome lamp delay and/or an auto off feature. On many of these, you will want to locate the trigger wire(s) that will show either ground or (+) 12VDC when each door is opened, that is not affected by the dome lamp being on or off.

On the vehicles that have two separate (-) door triggers that are isolated from each other, most commonly found on newer GM vehicles, you will need to use two 1 amp blocking diodes for all doors to trigger the alarm.. One trigger is for the driver's door and the second is for the rest of the doors. If you were just to connect to one of these and not both, one or more doors of the vehicle would not be protected by the alarm. If you were to tie each of these together without the blocking diodes, some features of the vehicle will no longer function properly like I said before.

Those direct plug-in alarms like the radio interfaces are B.S. (junk) and you may as well go grab a BULLDOG system from your local Autozone lol! I know teenagers that can manipulate those and can't even pass a math test, lmfao!!! I'm not sure if money is your primary concern in this situation or if your simpily just a hands on type of guy. Either or I sure hope you make a wise decision and the best of luck to you!!!
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After some extensive research I came up with this wiring diagram for a 2001 Deville DTS which should be the same from 2000-2006 (or 2005), someone correct me if I'm wrong. Again, good luck to ya......

| 12V|orange or orn/blk *1|+ |ignition harness |
| STARTER|purple or yellow |+ |ignition harness |
| IGNITION|pink |+ |ignition harness |
| SECOND IGNITION|white |+ |ignition harness |
| ACCESSORY|orange |+ |ignition harness |
| SECOND ACCESSORY|brown |+ |ignition harness |
| POWER LOCK|red/black |- |drivers door lock switch |
| POWER UNLOCK|orange/black |- |drivers door lock switch |
| LOCK MOTOR|gray | |drivers door module *2 |
| UNLOCK MOTOR|tan | |drivers door module *2 |
| DISARM DEFEAT|tan | |passenger door module *3 |
| PARKING LIGHTS +|do not use | | |
| PARKING LIGHTS -|brown/white | |DIM module *4 |
| HEADLIGHTS|white |- |DIM module *4 |
| DOOR TRIGGER|*5 |- |*5 |
| DOME SUPERVISION|gray |- |underdash light |
| TRUNK/HATCH PIN|orange/black |- |trunk light |
|TRNK/HTCH RELEASE|black/white *10 |- |under the rear seat *6 |
|FCTRY ALRM DISARM|lt. green |- |drivers door module *2 |
| TACHOMETER|purple/white | |ign. coil on top of motor |
| SPEED SENSE|green/white | |cruise control module *7 |
| BRAKE WIRE|white |+ |low in drivers kick |
| HORN TRIGGER|black |- |DIM module *4 |
| WIPERS|white |+ |DIM module *4 |
| LF WINDOW UP/DN|dk. blue - brown |A |drivers door module *2 |
| RF WINDOW UP/DN|dk. blue - brown |A |passenger door module *3 |
| LR WINDOW UP/DN|dk. blue - brown |A |LR door module |
| RR WINDOW UP/DN|dk. blue - brown |A |RR door module |
| SUN RF OPN/CLOSE|dk. grn - lt. grn |A |sunroof motor *8 |
| SUN ROOF LIMIT|red |- |sunroof motor *8 |
| RADIO 12V|orange |+ |radio |
| RADIO GROUND|black |- |radio |
| RADIO ILLUMINATE|yellow/black |*9 |radio |

NOTE: This vehicle is equipped with the pass-key III immobilizer. Use DEI part number 555G or 555U to bypass. *1 This is a low current 12V source that should not be used to drive any high current positive circuits. *2 The drivers door module is located above the speaker in the drivers door. *3 The passengers door module is located above the speaker in the passenger door. *4 The DIM module is located just in front of the blower motor near the passenger kick. It has three connectors that all exit out of the bottom of the module. All wires are located in the ceter plug except for the horn trigger wire which is located in the right side plug. *5 The drivers door trigger wire is tan at the drivers door module, and the other door triggers are dk. blue at their respective door modules. *6 At the fuse/relay block. *7 The cruise control module is located under the hood on the drivers side inner fender. *8 The sunroof motor is located to the rear of the sunroof towards the top center of the rear window. *9 Power varies with the interior light volume. *10 The fuel door release is white, negative trigger, located under the rear seat at the fuse/relay block.
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