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F1 race at Indy....Anyone going?

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Anyone going to the F1 race over the weekend? I'll be there with my V and a few beverages! :alchi:
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One of our employees is going up there.
He does our trim work.
I get to take up the slack... not much fun.
I am sure he'll have a good time.
I'll be camping in the field outside the track. Have him stop by if he sees a Michigan plate on a Platinum V.

Or anyone else for that matter........
Indy certainly has an incredible aura about it. And the F1 atmosphere must be wild. But I'd rather see the Brickyard 400.
Won't be at the F1 race but will be on a track near Indy ( Monday with the Indianapolis Lotus club. If anyone wants to come, they still have open spots for the track day.

I'll be there Saturday only, but I'm leaving the Caddy at home (gotta stretch the legs on the convertible sometimes). I may sitll look you up.
Unfortunately, we're hanging in St. Louie at the tracks this weekend.

I got a sponsorship invite for race day last year. It was the thrid F1 race I've gone to and all three were incredible experiences. Absolutely nothing like the sound pressure created by an engine shifting gears at 19000 RPM.

Have a good time and tell us about your time there.

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I was at the Canadian GP last weekend in Montreal with my V. Saw a few V's on the road that weekend but my attempts to say hello and get a response from them failed. :crybaby:

Great race as always. This was my 6th GP. The V8 sounds good but I miss the ROAR of the V10's! :thumbsup:

Enjoy Rockafella!
I actually watched practice on Friday while RPM was upgrading my tranny in my Trailblazer. First time I've ever seen F1's live, and walked away very impressed. I've always been a Nascar fan, but damn do the F1's move out.
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