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Extensive V2 production number breakdown

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I've been posting these a couple other places and now that I'm to a place where I'm not running tons of new stuff I cleaned up my spreadsheet, put it on Google Drive, and here it all is.

All three body styles, total numbers, totals by year, number of manuals for all. Breakdown of exterior color with number of manuals for each. Exterior color plus no sunroof with manual breakout for wagons. The number of cars with each interior color. Number with Recaro, number with Suede wheel/shift knob, numbers with wood trim. Lots of info that I've been compiling over the course of some time.

This also has the full 2015 Coupe VIN list tab that I've posted before. I've cleaned up all the other empty tabs that were in that file though.

New link October 2021, Google apparently invalidated the old link, something about a security issue. I dunno.
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I've updated the file in the link above. The link appears to show the updates. There's more interior info for coupes and sedans. Stealth blue 2013's with twilight blue were entirely missing before. I added transmission for each interior color except Saffron. I really tried working that a few different way and it just doesn't work. I'm not sure why. I might try doing it with trans and rear gear ratio RPO or something that is tied to the trans to see if maybe I can back door that trans info somehow but the latest updates to the interior and completely missing stuff is there now.
Global Analysis and Reporting Tool. I'll probably delete that part of the labels at some point when I'm updating things. It was in there originally because there were many more tabs in the workbook. Now that it is cleaned up that part of the label isn't really needed.
The link in the OP will take you to the file with all the updates I just put out. Silver Frost Coupes now have a tab like the 2015 coupes. It seemed like it was going to be easier to do than it was when I started or I wouldn't have done it. I was pretty deep into it by the time I realized it really sucked but all 100 silver Frost cars are accounted for there. Tons of 1 of 1's in that group of cars. Hilariously, a silver frost, manual (13), no sunroof (2) car is not one of one no matter how many more options you look at. The two built are identical.

2009 sedans were missing from the interior color counts due to different RPOs for 2009. That has been corrected. Some other little things.
I don't know where that 700 number came from for 2014 but it is certainly not a production number. Total bullshit with no source behind it
Yeah, I'm the same person. The number have certainly been a work in progress. One system I was getting numbers from shows the year break points wrong. It starts model years in August when they really typically start in July and it goes straight by build month so early builds that are really next model year cars still go counted in the prior model year. According to that system there were no 2015 Coupes because they were built in June, during the time frame it thinks is 2014 model year. What working from that system I started trying to refine its numbers and with enough info from other systems was actually able to come up with correct numbers. Numbers that match the numbers in this sheet. The system these numbers come from use the actual model year though and not build month with improper break points.

That's a lot of why I just started a new thread for this here. I can't say these are official numbers but without an internal source I would claim them as the most accurate numbers that have been put out.
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As I recall, I know I posted it on ***************, someone here had the first one of one body style of Black Diamond Edition. The first one of one of the other bodies was wrecked.
The funniest thing I've seen conflict with my info, someone got a letter from somewhere in GM saying only 95 Silver Matte coupes were built. But there are definitely 100 as was advertised beforehand. Haha.
white is white, it's all boring. Just kidding, I'll fix that. My bad.
The V community has been a great help in what I've done here and appreciate everyone that has pointed out issues to help me develop things and improve the file. The biggest was someone at another place actually owning one of the 2015 cars I had missed which helped me find all of the cars I had missed. A list of 490 out of 500 cars made is no better than no list IMO.
Sheet updated again, the OP link didn't change and has been verified to open the updated sheet. The pointed out white coupe issue was fixed. There is a year break down of ebony interior numbers on coupes and sedans now. Doing the Ebony coupe interior by year also fixed the double counting of 2015 coupes under AFF and under AFF+38S. AFF alone does not include 2015 since the stitching makes those seats different even if those cars still have the AFF RPO.
Added a tab for Stealth Blue. Unless you have one of the first built cars this will not tell you where your car is in the order of Stealth Blue cars. Why? Well, the reports I run to get the numbers can contain up to 25 VINs but don't automatically contain the VINs of 25 cars. So, I took the VINs that were there and looked up the builds for those cars. I ran reports to figure out the builds of the cars that I didn't have VINs for. So, this shows how every car was built but some VINs are missing. Own a Stealth Blue car that doesn't have the VIN listed? You can help me complete the list! In order to get the missing handful of VINs I would have to go through 2000+ VINs. Since I was able to figure out the builds for the missing VINs without doing that I'm not doing that at this time.

The link in the OP gets you the latest version with the new tab.
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The list (all old links still point to newest version) contains a new tab that I was previously only putting in the Vagon Owners Facebook group. In filling out the new tab I discovered a discrepancy in glacier blue wagons so now all instances of the file will include the Big Wagon List tab.

Every Evo Green wagon is listed with VIN.

Someone asked me to run their plum wagon and while I was at it I finished filling in the chart for those. I'm missing two VINs but was able to determine the way every car was built anyway similar to what I did with Stealth Blue.

Same with Glacier Blue and Mocha. Every car is listed with its build combo but there are a couple actual VINs missing. In doing Glacier Blue I discovered a discrepancy in the number of manuals. I added up 2013 manuals after discovering this and that added up so it appears I originally made an error. So this didn't change total manuals, just the split in Glacier autos/manuals.

I now have the rarest colors for wagons done. The 2014 only red I think I'm missing too many VINs to complete. The 2014 only grey was too high production. Based on how Opulent Blue is split between model years and how many VINs I'm missing I think I will be able to complete the list for that. There are a bunch of black and black diamonds on the Big Wagon List tab that got put in looking at the feasibility of making this include every single wagon. What I learned is I don't think it is feasible so more common colors are probably a lost cause.
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The sheet has under gone a few updates since I last posted here. The link always goes to the most recent sheet so if you've looked at it you've seen the most recent info even though I hadn't actually posted on this forum.

All three bodies now have some numbers for export cars on their tab.

The big wagon list tab went from having every car of a few colors listed to having a couple more colors complete along with over 1300 VINs, All with their info filled in. Every wagon has a line. Every one, even if the VIN is missing has some info filled in for it. There are various subsets of cars where every car has been captured. You would have to download and use the filters in Excel to narrow things down and see if a subset of options you are interested in is complete.

I'm continuing to work on capturing as much info as I can for all the wagons. I'm continuing to get more VINs to fill in the ???? marks. And I will continue work to figure out how the ???? VINs were built. I don't think I will ever have every single VIN but I may be able to have a completed line for every car eventually anyway.
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It was owned by GM and assigned to a director in that case. Not necessarily a Cadillac director unless that was what I put in there. If it just says director, director is basically the 2nd level up of GM management that a company car can be assigned to. Unlikely to be anyone you've ever heard of. Manager -> Director -> Executive Director -> Then people you might have heard of, LOL. I've found cars assigned to people like Reuss. I haven't found any assigned to Lutz or any CEOs.
The sheet has also under gone a couple updates again since I last posted. The biggest being a missing color of Coupes, Crimson Red. I see no documentation saying that color was an option. They were made over two months in late 2014 Model Year. It was a 3rd gen CTS color for 2014 and was discontinued for 2015. My only explanation is that they had paint they needed to get rid of and the 2014 CTS sedans weren't selling so it was a way to get rid of it. 20 cars. 4th most rare color for coupes. The total coupes did not change. The amount for each color didn't previously add up to the total, it does now.
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This is all great information, but I am wondering is there a spreadsheet which shows the "total amount of wagons produced" from 2010-2014? If so can you post it?
I heard it was at least 7,000 examples of the wagons made from those years...!!! 2010-2014 Thanks...!!!
I've actually been asked that before and looked it up.

Number of future parts cars :)
2010-11 3.0L LF1 engine: 2998
2012-14 3.0L LFW engine: 1418
Total 3.0L: 4416
2010-11 3.6L LLT engine: 2765
2012-14 3.6L LFX engine: 1293
Total 3.6L:. 4058
Total parts cars: 8474
Total wagons produced 10241 counting base cars and Vs
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Also, the link to the spreadsheet still gets you the most up to date version and there is now more sedan break down. Exterior Color+interior color+year+transmission. It's likely the last update the sedan sheet will receive. I'll do the same for coupes but it will probably be awhile before it is finished and uploaded. You can see the coupe sheet is set up for it but the only numbers filled in are for things like Stealth Blue and Silver Frost that have their own full lists already anyway.
I can still do what OldRoadDawg said but the queue for the reports I get the numbers from has to be short and it hasn't been very often lately as it was when I started making the sheet. Then on top of needing the queue to be relatively empty, that has to happen at a time when I have time to check it and put the RPO filter together to do the report request. So, it can take some time. Not really an on demand thing.
The coupe exterior color+interior color+year+transmission break down is now all filled in. Like the sedans, this is likely to be the last update the Coupe summary gets.
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