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Is Cadillac Extended Warranty Platinum Plan the same as GMPP (General Motors Protection Plan) Major Plan? I don't mean is the coverage the same, I want to know if the two are the same plan but different names?

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Here's a good comparison of the two new plans:

from Jack Black Cadillac:

GM Extended Protection Plan - Platinum vs. GMPP - Major Guard
To help with the many questions we are being asked, this document is our attempt to explain why we offer 2 different companies selling a GM service contract. We spent 100's of hours of research to learn/document the facts below to help you make a good decision. As the GMEPP is a new plan from GM, we documented more information on it.

In Summary, GM owned GMAC for generations and in bankruptcy in 08/09 GM lost a large percentage of GMAC in restructuring. GMAC became Ally Bank/Auto and by December 2013 GM owned 0% of Ally. Ally owns the GM Protection Plan (GMPP) and thus GM no longer owns Ally's GMPP plan that GM previously owned for 30 years. GM tried to buy Ally and the GMPP plan back after bankruptcy and a deal could not be reached; therefore GM came out with their own plan called the Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac Extended Protection Plan Platinum by GM (GMEPP) in late 2013. Since the new GMEPP plan (100% owned by GM) is a competitor to the GMPP plan (100% owned by Ally) GM is not going to re-issue Ally/GMPP's licenses to use the GM name, and GMPP looses all access to GM Dealership computer systems after 2016. Ally is currently designing new programs to be announced in 2015 to help with the loss of access to GM computer systems after 2016.

1.Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac, My Brand Extended Protection Plan - Platinum by General Motors (GMEPP)
1.The GMEPP nick name is this dealerships abbreviation . The official name is shown above.
2.GM Extended Protection Plan - Platinum is also shorthand for above.
3.The easiest way to tell the difference is the words - Extended and Platinum - as the new GM plan (not Ally's GMPP).
2.This is a new plan that was rolled out by GM in late 2013
1.Ohio was the first pilot state starting in the fall of 2013.
2.North East, USA started dealer enrollment on December 1, 2013, (we signed up on 12/1/13).
3.Over the next 12 months GMEPP is moving dealer enrollment South and West, USA.
4.If your GM dealership is in the West or South USA they have not been presented yet with the new GMEPP plan. This will happen over the next 12 months but since the GMEPP is a GM coverage on your GM VISS file, your coverage is honored at all 4,100 GM dealers in the USA (See 7.2).
3.Two Plans Offered - Platinum and Silver (we only sell the top Platinum Plan)
4.Two Deductibles Offered - $0 or $100
1.Deductibles are per visit, not items repaired per visit, and once you pay a deductible for a part you will never pay for another deductible on that part for the life of the plan.
2.The original GM Bumper to Bumper and Powertrain $0 Deductible Limited Warranties pay first and when they expire, then any GMEPP deductible will apply, if applicable.
5.GMEPP uses an secure Dealer Online Quoting System using your VIN/Serial Number and Current Odometer Reading to quote a price that is guaranteed for that day only.
1.The more overlapping time and mileage you have on your GM Bumper to Bumper coverage the lower price you will pay. (i.e. Earlier / Lower Miles = Lower Price)
2.GMEPP's Coverage is added to Todays Date and added to Todays Odometer Reading.
3.If you purchase we will need to verify your odometer reading.
6.Owned 100% by General Motors by a 100% owned division called GM Financial.
1.Administered by Am Trust, Warrantech, and/or Wesco depending upon your state.
2.AM Trust's A.M. Best Insurance Rating = "A" Excellent: Here
1.No matter who GM hires to administer the plan; the GMEPP is 100% owned by GM Financial which is 100% owned by GM.
2.GM has proven themselves as too big to fail and they 100% own this plan.
3.GM has paid in full all Government Loans and the US Treasury has sold all owned GM shares.
4.GM is more profitable, low debt level, and more cash on hand than their entire 100 year history (thanks to the US Taxpayer).
7.Since the GMEPP is 100% owned by GM all data is integrated on the GM VISS warranty history file of your vehicle
1.All GM Bumper to Bumper, Powertrain and GM Extended Protection Plan (GMEPP) Coverages listed on your GM VISS file are GM's online confirmation of your benefits and results in a seamless service visit with at all 4,100 GM Dealerships, (regardless if your dealer sells the GMEPP or not).
2.If your GM dealer does not yet sell the GMEPP and you have a needed repair, have them confirm your coverage on GM VISS and your GM dealer will call 1-877-265-1072 to create a claim and/or enroll to get an permanent online account at no charge.
8.Since the GMEPP is 100% owned by GM one of their top concerns is keeping you, the GM owner, satisfied with your vehicle.
9.The GMEPP is often quoting lower prices with slightly less combinations of Months/Mileage/Deductible options than the GMPP.
10.We CAN sell the GMEPP in all 50 states.
11.GOOGLE search words & Links:
1.Chevrolet Extended Protection Plan Platinum
2.Chevrolet National Website (Open Extended Protection Tab)
3.GMC Extended Protection Plan Platinum
4.GMC National Website (Open Extended Protection Tab)
5.Buick Extended Protection Plan Platinum
6.Cadillac Extended Protection Plan Platinum
7.Cadillac National Website (Open Extended Protection Tab)
8.My Brand Extended Protection Plan Platunim
12.Please call to quote both and compare!

1.GM Protection Plan (GMPP)
2.This plan has been in existence for over 35 years.
3.This plan is 100% owned by Ally Auto (formerly GMAC).
1.GMAC was previously owned by GM but since December 2013 GM no longer owns any percentage of former GMAC - Now Ally Bank / Ally Auto.
1.GM does not own the GMPP and the GMPP is a competitor to the above GMEPP.
2.GM has licensed (Ally pays GM for these rights) the GM Protection Plan name to Ally until 2016.
3.GM has licensed (Ally pays GM for these rights) the access to GM computer application and claim payment systems to Ally until 2016
4.GM has licensed (Ally pays GM for these rights) the access to the GM VISS systems - warranty / vehicle history database to Ally until 2016
1.After 2016 there are no rights for Ally to access GM's systems (GM VISS, GM Global Warranty Claim Processing, and CDR Application Processing) or use of the GM Protection Plan Name.
2.All GM dealerships will not be able to pull up your GMPP plan, claim history, or claim processing after 2016 using GM computer systems.
4.This plan is 100% administered by Ally Auto
5.Three Plans Offered - Major Guard, Value Guard and Basic Guard (we only sell the top Major Guard Plan).
6.Three Deductibles Offered - $0 or $100 or $200.
7.The GMPP plan offers more combinations of Months/Mileage/Deductible options than the GMEPP.
8.After Ally's IPO release in April 2014, where all sale proceeds went to the US Treasury, the US government ownership was reduced to 17% of Ally from the 08/09 GMAC/Ally restructuring out of bankruptcy.
9.Ally closed all operations in Latin America & Europe in 2013; and by mid 2014 are winding down operations in China.
10.Ally USA reduced staff 33%, from 2012 (10,600 employees) to filings on 12-31-2013 (7,100 employees) to size for their smaller company's needs.
11.Ally is now approved by the US Govermant as a financial holding company status.
12.Ally has paid 80% of all US Treasury Loans from the 08/09 restructuring from bankruptcy (with the US Goverment making a protif from helping Ally). Much progress has been made during very difficult times!
13.Ally has sold off its gaint Residential Capital mortage company that almost caused GMAC/Ally to go out of business in 08/09. This is very good news for Ally as with this weight removed it was able to issue its IPO in 8 above.
14.Ally lost exclusive rights to GM's low ARP programs (0% APR loans). They are going in the near future to be divided between Ally, GM Financial, and Wells Fargo. GM wants to protect their business and customers in case any one financial institution has difficulties in a future downturn (lessons learned from the 08/09 Great Recession). While this is a good decision for GM and its customers (choice is always better) it will reduce GM special low APR program loans thru Ally (3 banks to choose from vs. 1).
15.We CANNOT sell the GMPP if you reside in Alaska, California, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Oregon and Washington State. (We CAN sell the GMEPP in all 50 states)
16.Please call to quote both and compare!

This dealership sells both plans and both coverage's are very good. The GMEPP is 100% owned by GM and this is a HUGE benefit to have GM on your side (with a GM vehicle at a GM Dealership with a GM Warranty). Our dealership has sold thousands of the GMPP plans (100% owned by Ally) with customers satisfied with their experience. Both companies will pay for all legitimate claims. Ally has sent letters to all GM dealerships and assured us that after 2016 they will continue to sell the GMPP plan (but not with the GM name/GM computer systems). We believe the Ally owned GMPP, losing their licenses to GM and access to all GM computers systems in 2016, will hurt their sales going forward as more dealerships over the next 18 months convert to the new GM Plan. Ally is currenty designing a program to be announced in 2015 to work arround the loss of GM computer systems in 2016. Call and compare both plans!

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Help. I'm still conflicted after reading. Has anyone has experience with either the the GMPP or the GM platinum plans?
My cpo warranty is about to expire on my CTS coupe.

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I had GMPP in my 2009 escalade hybrid. Although all electrical parts were covered, front strut were not which typically fail after 80k miles. With my purchased new 2015i escalade platinum, I purchased the platinum plan and it covered almost everything beyond 50k B2B. Yes, even the front struts!
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