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Extended Warranty

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Can some of you that have an after market extended warranty and have used it to your satisfaction give me the name and contact for the company? There are so many scams out there I want to make sure I get a legitimate one. The car I'm considering now is over 100K miles, so it has to be one that accepts high mileage cars.
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Nation Warranty has a good plan for high mileage cars...I think I'll go with theirs. It covers a lot of things the other don't.
I am looking at a 2005 STS4 1SG with ACC and HUD that has 116K miles on it.
Depends on where you are. Being on the left coast as I am, you will never find a STS at that price. A 2006 STS V6 RWD with a salvage title is selling for $14,995 in San Diego.
Prices are just crazy out here. There is a 2005 1SF RWD V8 going for $14,995 with 100K miles but it's that sea green color...
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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