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I'm not sure who specifically at Lindsay I'm supposed to talk to... I've always dealt with Luke for all my parts, but I guess this is more of a sales related item.

I live in Canada, and the warranty on my CTS goes out March '08. I'm definately interested in buying an extended warranty. Given the current exchange rate, it'd be great if I could buy the extended warranty from a US dealer. First one that came to mind was of course Lindsay Cadillac.

My question is.. Can I buy a GMPP ($0 deductible, I need EVERYTHING that's covered under the factory warranty to be covered under the extended warranty) from a US dealership, and have it work in Canada?

I know that the GMPP plan says work can be performed at any GM dealer across North America. However, can a Canadian actually buy the contract from a US dealer?

Also, to my understanding.. For my factory warranty right now. If I'm travelling down in the US and I get something done, I have to pay the bill, then get reimbursed by GM Canada at a later date, is that correct? If that's true, will it be the same for the extended warranty? Will I have to pay my Canadian dealer, then get GM USA to reimburse me?

I'm interested in extending my factory warranty by another 2 or 3 years. Thanks in advance!
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