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extended warranty service contract?

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Ok, my 2013 XTS has 41000 miles on it. I've had it since new and the factory bumper to bumper warranty will be out in another 9000 miles. I will probably hit 50000 miles before the 4 years. I just got a letter from the dealer about the extended warranty offer. I usually make it a point to not buy extended warranty on anything I buy. But in this case I just might think about it. The car has been pretty reliable but with all the electronic stuff I'm not convinced of the future reliability. Any opinions?
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If you read the extended warranty and what it covers you might decide not to get one. After it tells you what it doesn't cover you have to ask yourself...what does it cover and how much would it cost me to get something fixed that is covered. I had a 2006 STS for 90000 miles and over nine years. I can think of one item that may have been covered by an extended warranty......less than $500 to fix and an extended warranty $1800?
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