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I am currently renting an '06 DTS
while my 2000 STS is in the body shop...
(don't ask...yet!)

It seems to be a decent car... Luxury 1 package.
The only option is the White Lightning paint.
Sticker = $42,985

It's a good size vehicle...

I'm more than comfortable...4 passengers with no complaints.

Ergonomics are good...things are where they should be.

HIDs are awsome!

Cabin air filter is under the hood for easy access.

I'll refrain from any negative comments (for now).

Post any questions (nothing technical) and
I can look at the car for your answer.
I'm just getting acquainted with it.

Happy Motoring!

P.S. I haven't researched how to access the OBD. Any clues?

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I've only had the car for 2 days but I've already formed a few opinions:
It feels much "lighter" than my STS when cornering .
Not sure about the Magnasteer yet.
Even though it's a rental, I haven't really dogged it
- out of respect for an engine with only 400 miles.
It does, however, feel responsive and shifts smoothly with quick mid-range acceleration.
I haven't made (m)any hard brakes, but they seem adequate.

I like the car, but couldn't own the base model.
Anyone who just wants a ""Cadillac" (or any good car) is gonna love this car!
A little more power plus other goodies make it a good(?) deal for
$58,000 fully dressed- when compared to any UK/JP/GRM competition.

I can see picking up a 3-year lease return in 2009 for a decent price.
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