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Extend Retained Accessory Power Mode?

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Is there really no way to keep the vehicle in retained accessory power mode for more than 10 minutes? I was at a drive-in theater last night, and I kept having to hit the start-stop button every 10 minutes to keep the radio on. Very annoying, especially when it was a double feature.

The manual says RAP mode is limited to 10 minutes. Cadillac customer service says: "The main reason this shuts off after this time is to conserve the power of the battery. The only way you can have the radio still running while in park is if the engine is still on."

Is this the case with all vehicles that have a start-stop button? Or just Cadillacs?
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If you just push the Start button once without your foot on the brake, doesn't that put it in "Accessory" mode.Or you could press and hold the start button for something like 5-10 seconds. That puts you in ignition on mode, similar to turning an ignition key to "on" with the engine off.
But I would definitely be worried about killing the battery after a while.
The press and hold for 10 seconds should stay on indefinitely.
I guess what I’m referring to is called “service mode.”
Click onto this website, scroll down to the “system diagnostics” header and read the first few paragraphs. It says it’ll stay on for 3 hours in “Service Mode” or 10 minutes in “Accessory Mode”

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