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EXT Vs. Avalanche Midgate ?

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Ok. I am looking to buy a new vehicle this year and want to take advantage of the tax write offs. A suv doesn’t get a much of a credit as does a truck. I am trying to find a loophole where I can get an EXT as my truck. Does the EXT have a midgate that folds down like the Avalanche? I think the bed has to be more than 6' long to get the tax break and the avalanche has more than 6' with the midgate down. Just wanted to see if the EXT could do the same thing.

Thanks Guys.
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Double check with your tax pro, but with the 2010 bill signed in Decemeber, the same bill that provides lower social security witholdings in 2011. It includes a provision for bonus depreciation, 100% the first year for "heavy SUV's". Do a search for "bonus depreciation 2011 SUV". There are many articles explaining the loophole that has been created. I'm no tax advisor, but near as I can tell the vehicles your looking at excede 6000lbs and now does not matter if it has a bed or not. Any tax guys out there know more about this?
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