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2008 Escalade EXT
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Just stumbled on this article. I hope so as I am hooked on this platform.

Some years ago I wanted an EXT real bad but couldn't afford one at the time. I'm talking only about 2007 and later. I don't like the looks of the pre 2007 models. I started out with an Avalanche LTZ which is about as close as you can get to an EXT without spending another $20K.

So a couple years ago I traded in my (paid off) 2007 Avalanche LTZ and got a 2008 EXT. I probably could have gotten a newer one but this 2008 was in such good shape and the price was so right. I knew given they were set to discontinue the EXT so I knew I would be buying them used for as long as they existed. I figured my next one would be the last one made, 2014 I guess, and I would run it into the ground.

But now it looks like they will be back in 2016. Only problem is I really am not fond of the new Escalade exterior styling. The 2007-2014 model years is really the best looking trucks GM has ever put out. But maybe the new look will grow on me.

I still plan to buy a 2014 in a couple of years. But maybe by the time I'm ready for another one, I figure around 2018, I will have grown to like the new model.

See it here...
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