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I just wanted to ramble a bit about my week.

I turned 24 on Monday, woot, but the actual day wasn't all that amazing. The humidity was ridicilous, my mom backed into my car breaking my driver's side tail light, my hamster died, and I only got one gift from my actual family, versus the 20 or so I got from my girlfriend's family. My brother had a dentist appointment so he was novacained up and couldn't talk (which sucks since I barely get to see him since I moved.) While my mother went out to get some stuff I was left baby sitting my three nephews, turns out the oldest is a total prick, the middle one needs to learn to stand up for himself, and while trying to break up their fighting I turned away long enough for the baby to take a small fall from the couch. What a eventful day. (The baby is fine, turns out little guy is tougher then any baby I've met thus far.)

I had Monday and Tuesday off from work but because my staffing supervisor is a total witch she didn't schedule me off Tuesday so no one covered my department. I returned on Wednesday to two day's work plus it was the last day for Thyroid Fine Needle Aspirations so I had six lined up. In the end I finished four days work in three (and still had time to kick Friday), but I signed up for some OT and again my staffing supervisor screwed me over. She staffed me on the evening shift with one of the new trainees and if any of you have ever worked with a trainee you might understand their efforts are good but actual output is just about useless. I ended up doing I'd say 90% of the night's workload and we still finished by 9PM, giving everyone a goof off period to the end of the shift.

Ahhh what a week. My mom keeps pestering me to give her an estimate on the light but I can't make her pay for it, she's my mom. I also haven't had time...I'll check Rock Auto later today or the Bay of E's.

The perks of the week were my birthday, obviously, my girlfriend game me the king treatment. Breakfast in bed, no chores, awesome Star Wars collectible gifts, and a copy of Hot Fuzz (probably one of the funniest satirical shoot-em ups I've ever seen), and her father gave me a copy of Guiter Heroe's II (finally my own copy) and the best part is my girlfriend loves the game too. We only have one guitar at the moment but she loves playing bass on the controller.

My mom gave me a $100 dollars she knew I wanted an MP3 player but she was overwhelmed at the store and she said the Best Buy was forcing her into an IPOD. She said she'd let me decide. I picked up the Sansa e250R which is damn good player with a 3 month Rhapsody subscription. For $15 a month I get unlimited downloads that I can put on the player and take with me, Ha take that Apple/iTunes you haven't claimed me yet! I also picked up a 22" LCD finally getting rid of my old 17" I bought in 2002 (amazing back then it cost me $600 for that damn thing, this one only cost me $180.)

Well back to finishing the week with chores (cleaning) and I got a concert tomorrow (WBCN Band Camp featuring Incubus, The Bravery, yatta yatta.)

Thanks for listening, if you did, take care guys!
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