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mcf1000x2003 said:
No codes on the ECM exept everytime i cold start the car the it says check oil levels even tho my oil level is ok.Im getting pretty crappy gas mileage about 12-14 in the city and on a 200 mile trip i took a couple weeks ago (all highway) i only avg. 21 mpg
First, several of us here have suffered the CHECK OIL LEVEL nag. In every case is was due to a defective oil level sensor. It's right next to the oil filter on the oil filter adapter.

Crappy gas economy (I LOVE that technical talk!:) ) coupled with a rich mixture *might* account for the deposits on your bumper if a fuel injector were leaking, although I can't explain why it would appear on only one side. Of course, there are other suspects as well.

Do you have a factory service manual (FSM)? If you do, you might want to perform a "Power Balance Check." It's on page 6C-34 of Volume 1.

From the FSM:

"The Power Balance Check compares the performance of each of the cylinders by using the PCM to shut off fuel injectors. This measures the performance of each cylinder by the amount of rpm drop caused by that cylinder not producing a power stroke. If proper fuel deliver has been determined, then a cylinder that does not show good performance (RPM drop) indicates either an ignition or mechanical problem."

This will allow you to localize the problem to a specific cylinder. If you CAN localize it to a particular cylinder, then you can look at the plug/wire/injector/compression/etc. associated with that cylinder.

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