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exhaust question

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Well i have a 2000 sls and i have been wanting to do some costumizing on it. I was wondering what was all needed to put some flowmasters on it or if it will even fit. If not do you guys have ne suggestion on an exhaust. Ive also been wanting to do an hid conversition on it and was wondering what that entails.
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:sneaky: HID conversions can require some interesting rewiring....if you feel the headlights aren't "bright" enough, try a set of GE Nighthawk halogens. If they aren't "blue" enough, try a set of illegal PIAA 9005's and 9006's. Put your car on a lift and study the exhaust from the cat back. Imagine you cut the Y pipe at each muffler inlet and install aftermarket mufflers and tips. Great. BUT, what have you done to remove the restriction created by the after-cat factory tube and remaining Y ? (and that restriction exists at WOT 6K rpm+ only.....) It may sound "good", but don't bank on any performance increase...It's all fun, but there's no easy road to a 12 second F-body N*.
our last gen STS's are K Bodys
F-Body were the Trans Am and Camaro Platform...
so to intall some muffler all would one need to do is cut of the stocks and then weld the new ones on or is there a clamp
:alchi: Yep, not enough bourbon......K body. No, no clamps...all welded. 2003, did you figure out the shift cable bugaboo???
the linkage was screwed up
they fixed it
however im still trying to find a way to make the dang thing kick down better when i nail it, i sometimes have to double tap it (nail it, let off, then nail it again) to get it to kick down...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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