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I just got word that my Silver V is in transit.............YEAH. I would like to put on new exhaust as soon as possible. Any chance BenJet, I and others could get them before they come out to the dealer.

Also any other performance upgrades anyone can think of would be appreciated. I am coming from German cars and know that there were lots of bolt-on upgrades for the Z06 but am kind of unfamiliar which ones are the best. I would like to get to at least 450HP without major engine surgery.

If anyone wants, I can post some extensive videos of my car running with my commentary of how I find the performance...etc.

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We hope to have a system done as soon as we can. This is a priority for us!!! In the next few weeks, I hope to have a better idea when productions systems will be ready.
I would say that the sound will be between the Pace and Touring of our C5 systems, but with a deep tone similar to the Titanium system.
Pricing will probably be close to our C5 systems...and once the system is finished, we will bring this information to you here!
Not sure on the last question...for sure through the Cadillac dealer and ourselves, but will have to see other than that.


benjet said:
Time for me to ask a few Q's -

1. Any ideas WHEN the CTS-V system will be released (available)? 2 Weeks? 2 Months? (any ideas - we all are waiting with baited breath)
2. Which C5/Z06 system will the CTS-V system most resemble.... Titanium Competition and Street? Touring Edition? Pace Car?
3. Lastly (just a ballpark please) any ideas on price? Will they be available OUTSIDE of our local Cadillac Dealer? Can we do a group buy?

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