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I recently got the low oil pressure red warning light come on and it appeared there was no oil in it. So i filled it up and the light went off.
The car is only with me for about 2000 miles and I've put 10 liters in by now and probably can put up some more in it at the moment. I also note that when I accelerate full throttle, there is quite some smoke coming out of the exhaust and almost always getting a P01715 that turns off when taking foot of the pedal. The car is the L92 motor code so no AFM. I have seen sometimes P0307 for the 7th cilinder misfire but not very often. Would changing the valve cover to the adapted one (12570427 ) solve the oil consuming issue or is should I think about the piston rings? The car has about 95k miles.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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