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Last year I posted an editorial at arguing that manufacturers who don’t stand behind their products will lose customers. Well, it appears that Cadillac might have learned this lesson. Over at GMInsideNews I learned of Don Hammonds’ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article on Cadillac’s high customer service scores. Article here:

An especially encouraging excerpt from the article:
What’s Cadillac doing right?

Giving dealers lots of authority to get things done, and not being hidebound and rigid when it comes to pleasing customers, for one thing.

“What Business Week found were a lot of good comments from dealers talking about how they now have what they need the most: lots of latitude to do whatever it takes to please customers no matter what,” said Dave Caldwell, Cadillac communications manager. That even includes the ability to honor a warranty that has expired.
Has this been the actual experience of people here? If so, then GM might yet turn the tide.

My blog post on the article (just a bit more than I've posted here):

Edit: Just noticed the sticky in this forum. This article refers to that study.
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