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I just finished waxing my black V with "Ice" from Turtle Wax. This stuff is wonderful.

Wipe in on carefully and let it dry. There is a haze, but its so light you may not see it on a silver car. Wipe off the haze, there is no dust. And no white dried polish in the cracks and stuff.

I had a few smears and the directions said to wipe with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth, it worked like a charm. About 30 min for one coat all around and two on the top surfaces. If you don't wipe it on well the missed places show when you wipe it off.

They give you one microfiber cloth to wipe it off. I had more cloths and use about 5. I don't know if you need to use microfiber. They give you a plastic applicator which seems to work better than cloth one.

The V looks better than with Rejex. I don't know how long Ice will last. It feels oily and I don't know if the car feels smooth because of an oily coating or because it is smooth.

You guys have to try this stuff. I was going to order more but the whole car was done using about 10% of the bottle. I know its a long e mail but I thought this stuff can save us all some work.
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