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Escort Passport X50 Install

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Vehicle: 2004 Escalade

Ever since I got the Escort Passport with the hardwire Smartcord kit I've wanted to make a factory looking install out of it.

Well, I just did it...

It's been bugging me that my install of this just wasn't quite right and in the back of my mind I knew what I had to do, just didn't think either it would come out right or that I could pull it off at all.

Ended up going for it...

First I had to drill 3 holes in perfect position since the main unit only fit behind the panel in one way and at one height. Worst part was I had to eyeball it, and with not much room to work it was tricky.

Anyway, next step was to mount it back there which was a simple 3M double sided adhesive strip which holds well.

Lasts thing was to remove the overlay and place it on the outside to cover the holes and make it look like it's supposed to be there.

Well, the end result I couldn't be happier with and I had to sit back and admire, smile and get over a feeling of disbelief that it actually turned out.

Only thing remaining is to put on a small extension on the button, which will most likely be a black glass dome stuck to it.

At any rate, here's a pic.

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