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Thanks in advance for the help and advice. I am new to the forum but have spent time here on other issues and questions. My current issue is a regarding a warranty replacement engine that needs to be replaced after 26,000 miles.
In July of 2012 I bought an ’08 Escalade from a friend with 89k miles on it. Before I bought it I took it in for a check to my local Cadillac dealer and after review found out it needed to have an oil pan replaced and the caddy dealer said it needed a new engine mount that wasn’t covered. I had previous issues with my service advisor and went with the advice of a friend and took it to the local Chev dealer for further warranty work.
The Chev Dealer replaced the motor mount and a new issue that occurred replacing the camshaft Position Actuator that was causing the check engine light to stay on in August of 2012.
In February of 2013 I brought the Escalade in and had them look it over. There was some knocking in the engine, they determined it needed a new engine and at 99K they replaced under warranty. Happy day I had a truck in great shape with a new engine that would last me a while!
After having that done we continued to have problems. I called the dealership in March and April and told them there was smoke/steam coming from the exhaust and was informed several times it was normal and it was caused by cold dense air, engine breaking in etc. In June less than 4K miles after having the entire engine replaced (and stranding my mother in law on the side of the road with three kids and a bunch of stinky hockey gear a 105 degrees on Highway 10 in Phoenix rush hour) they replaced the Camshaft position actuator again seemingly fixing the problem.
The truck ran fine for another 4-5K miles but after less than additional 7100 miles we had problems with the engine, power, and smoke in the exhaust etc which caused them to replace the right side cylinder head at 110K miles or less than 11k miles after an engine replacement. I asked why this would happen after having it replaced just 10K before? The response from the service manager was “sometimes they come faulty from the factory”!
Over the past month or so I heard some noises from the engine and I brought it in after the holidays on January 7th to the dealer to listen to the noise 16K miles past the replaced head. I came back a day later and was informed that indeed the engine was shot and needed to be replaced. It was out of the 12K-12 Month after Warranty Warranty and the cost would be in excess of $69,69.00 plus tax for a new motor.
I asked if it was normal? What could cause an engine to have all of the problems it had over the time frame of 18 months? The reason from my advisor was the computer program was changed (which indeed happened and was validated when the engine was replaced. The reason verified by GM and the folks that did the work was to set the size of the tires to the 24 inch size they put on new) or the air intake or, or, or. I asked if the “program” was a problem, why they would not change the “Program” when they replaced the engine if it was a risk (or at least tell me to do it) and was told that was not something they would do.
My advisor did tell me to call 1-800 GM CARES and see if they could help out. Twanee was great and told me the process was to have the district manager call the Customer Satisfaction Manager at the dealer and see what could be done.
I did this and relayed the information above. I got a call back from the customer satisfaction manager at the dealership and was informed that “Because you bought this car used and after 100K miles GM won’t help with the repairs. We can replace it for you however!” I went through the history with the CSM letting him know I had owned the car prior to 100K miles and asked if it was normal for this to happen on such a major issue on a new engine.
He said no but the good news was if he replaced the motor with Genuine GM parts the new warranty would be 50K miles and 3 years! I asked why that was not the case with GM Factory Replacement warranty engines and he had no response. That said he had only dealing with GM for the past 18 months and was new on the job.
I called back in to the customer care rep at GM who was great and informed her that I had indeed owned the vehicle prior to 90K miles and we went over the history again, she felt there was a strong case to get help from GM with the replacement.
She called me back an hour later and stated that after talking to her manager the only thing they could do was offer me a $5,000.00 coupon on a new GM product.
Sorry for the long winded explanation but I want to make sure I get the correct answers:
1) If I did this at a Cadillac dealer would the result be any better?
2) Are there normally this many issues with factory warranty and service?
3) What can I do to get some help from Cadillac? I asked to talk to a manager but was informed they don’t talk to customer!

Any advice would be helpful, it’s an awesome truck but I’m stuck trying to figure out how to fix it.

Thanks in advance!
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