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Escalade drone/hum/pressure question

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Ok guys I'm about 3 weeks into my 2015i Escalade Premium Short and love everything about it EXCEPT drone/hum that I hear at 70+ MPH! I don't have the vibration that other posts are referring to my is just a feeling of pressure in the cabin and the drone/humming sound from what I imagine are the drive-train components? Is anyone else having this? After reading the posts over at GM Trucks forum it sounds like its the hum from the gears both front and back. Can anyone confirm this? It isn't in the sound system, its isn't the tires or "road noise". It doesn't matter what type of road I'm riding on but as I approach 70 miles per hour it gradually starts getting louder and between 70-80mph its really bad. Once you reach 80+ the "pitch" gets high enough that it isn't as bad but is still there.

I do hear it also when taking off from a standing start until the gearbox reaches 3rd gear if I'm kinda "getting on it". To me it does sound like the "whine" the gears make but my 2009 didn't do this so what gives on the 2015? Any feedback from others hearing this and has anything fixed it yet?

I left my Ranger Rover for this and I'd really like it to work out since everything else about the truck is stellar but since I'm using this as a family hauler for vacations I'll be driving highway speeds most of the time with this and its driving me crazy!
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It can be just drivetrain whine? I noticed this in my escalade hybrid especially when it is in 4auto. I kept it in 2WD. Then it just went away. I noticed the new 2015i has a very "tight" drivetrain.
I still have my RR. It's the BMW engine, and the Escalade is several orders more quiet inside. Don't know if the later RR's are more quiet, but mine isn't!
There are basically two issues you are referencing: the "drone/vibrtation" issue and the "whine"....... the whine thing is actually normal for the new 8spd trans/transfer case combo in the lower gear is not something "wrong" it is just the mechanics of the system in those lower cruise and/or higher gears it's not there. Personally, I don't mind it ....but then I like the sounds of the engine, etc. me a sense of the power and ability of this truck! Now the "drone/vibration" thing, to the extent that some are experiencing it.....would NOT be pleasant! From my limited knowledge of physics...what appears to be happening is actually a "harmonic resonance" issue which will create not only a sound but a "feel" and/or sense of "pressure" particularly to the human ear. It can be caused by many different things....from an open window to any mechanical or structual vibration that causes a repetitive sound wave action. Apparently GM engineering is or has been working to locate the what degree of success is not known.....but my vehicle was made in early December and I can detect that the resonance is "right on the edge" of happening, but never does....and, I wouldn't even know that it WAS an issue if I hadn't read about here in the forum..... The fact that mine does not get going into the "full blown" issue that some others have had would lead me to believe that they have taken some steps to modify or diminish the issue. I DO feel some very minor vibration.....but frankly, i believe that it is part of accepting 22in wheels and low profile tires. That very minor vibration changes to almost nil as I change road surfaces and the tires warm up. Just my thoughts.....
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I experienced this problem. At times the pressure in my ears was so severe, I actually had to stop the car.

2 rear differentials later, they've mostly eliminated the problem. But I've noticed it is slowly returning, and is most noticeable driving on washboard type roads.
Thanks for the feedback guys! I do have to say that my HUM is not affected by road type. It is always present but becomes very noticeable at 70+ MPH. I can hear it "building" prior to 70 MPH but it becomes very noticeable at 70+ MPH. I have had 22" tires before on an Escalade and did not have this issue. I agree it is something with the new transmission/gears. The hum comes from the rear of the truck so I believe it the "whir" of the gears rubbing together and the faster I go and the faster the gears turn the louder the whir/hum/whine gets. I'm wondering will the gears 'break in' over time and this sound will diminish? I don't feel any vibration in the car.

As an aside I had a newer RR for about a year and it had a somewhat similar issue when the tires were inflated to high PSI. it would cause the aluminum frame to "hum" and was worse with 22" rims, fortunately I had 21" and when I reduced air pressure it mostly went away. Though I don't think thats what is happening in the Escalade.
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Just to add to the "picture" I checked the tire pressures...the system said all were at 38, which is 3 over the spec. of, I deflated all down to 35......took my minimal vibration feel down to almost nothing....the huge wheels and low profile tires are not the entire problem, but they are some of it.
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