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hi all, i am very close to purchasing a new escalade, but i need some adivce. I noticed that in the navigation stereo system for the EQ settings it has Bass, Treble and MIDS. 3 settings, where as the regular non navigation system there is only Bass and treble. Is this true or did i overlook something. If this is true, has anyone noticed differency in sound with each system.

Secondly, is the cadillac space for a stereo double DIN.
Heres my situation, I have a Hi - end Kenwood Exceleon cd player that has all the bells and whisltes except dvd or mp3 but thats ok, it has all the fancy EQ settings and all, heck it cost 500 2 yrs ago, Anyways what i really want to know is, lets say i replace the non navi bose head unit with this kenwood, is the bose speaker and amps in the car compatible with this, would the sound be better that the regular non navi system. i figure this way i could add my own dvd player probably cheaper than the 2000 they want for their caddy system, plus my 5000 system wouldnt goto waste, oh and also, would the 6 disc cd player be compatible......what do u think my best options are?? I really dont want to change all the interior speakers cuz heck i paid for a bose, maybe just the head unit if it will work.... please lend me your advice, thanks
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