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Escalade 2010 no power to compressor relay

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long story short my ac quit working on my 2010 escalade, mechanic evac the system , replace orifice tube, rear expansion valve. he said it was fixed but compressor won't turn on. he said he could not figure it out and told me to go somewhere else. the compressor works up to a/c compressor relay I got power, bypass pin 30,87 with a jumper cable and turns om right away. looking at the diagram below I found out I have no power on wire 63 green witch is responsible for turning the coil on the a/c relay. also, have no power on the A/C refrigerant pressure sensor. all these wires are coming from ECM does this mean the computer is tost and I need a new one?

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Moved to the proper forum.
I don't know how you're accessing the site, but it should be pretty easy to see the Escalade forums. Go here - - and look in the list of Current Cadillac Vehicles.
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